[UPDATE] Red-Tailed Hawk Rescue

Alert — and humane — “06880” reader Colleen Zapfel writes:

While driving on Sasco Creek Road today, we saw a man named Rob stopped next to an injured osprey. [NOTE: Readers — including Audubon experts — have identified this as a red-tailed hawk.]

It was sitting in the middle of the road, not moving, as cars drove by. We got out to help.


We called animal control, went back and put him in a box for safety.

Gina from Westport animal control picked him up. She took him to Dr. Plunkett  in Fairfield.

So if the osprey red-tailed hawk you love to watch is gone for a few days from its normal nest — now you know why. 

14 responses to “[UPDATE] Red-Tailed Hawk Rescue

  1. Surprised that Ospry allowed humans to come so close to it. Is that common and if not, why do you think it transpired?

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Of course, there could be any number of explanations, but birds on or near roadways have often flown into vehicles and are stunned.

  2. Let os pray.

  3. Based on the talons it looks more like a broadwing hawk or red tailed hawk. Osprey talons are, almost, 2 in front and 2 in back for holding fish.

  4. Mr. Thanhauser’s delicate sense of humor is for the birds.

  5. It’s NOT an osprey; it’s a hawk.

  6. unfortunately on Harbor Road in Saugatuck Shores there remains the remains for about a week now of a beautiful white dove that some bride probably released at her wedding not realizing that westport, Ct is not an appropriate habitat for these birds. they are killed by predators so please brides, find something else to do at your weddings to make the day even more special than it already is.



  8. thank you thank you thank you.. I saw a ground hog hit by a car on the post road. a few weeks ago.. I turned my car around and went to it… It was dying.. I tried to get help from a passing car since I did not have a towel-blanet to move it off the road to see how it was.. I was there 10 minutes crying before someone stopped.. I wonder why a female senoir citizen crying and waving could not stop a car, until a woman stopped.. he died but at least he was not run over again…

  9. Janice Price

    What a kind thing of all involved ! Dr. Plunkett is equally kind !!

  10. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Without seeing the tail or outstretched wings it is hard to tell if it is a Broad Wing Hawk or a Cooper’s Hawk. I would love to read the follow up and know exactly which of the raptors it is.
    Cooper’s Hawks are near and dear to our family but I won’t bore everyone with the details.

  11. Rindy Higgins

    Milan Bull, ornithologist at CT Audubon, says it’s a Red tailed Hawk. What a blessing to have such caring people. Hope the bird makes it and gets returned to the air.

  12. Brandon Malin - Animal Adoption Advocate

    Just so everyone knows, Westport Animal Control is a NO KILL SHELTER on Elaine Road. (By the boat launch under 95.) THE HUMANE SOCIETY IS NOT THE TOWN SHELTER, IT IS ALSO A KILL SHELTER.
    WASA (Westport Animal Shelter Advocates) provides the “guests” at Westport Animal Control with daily walks, socializing, training, and much more to make sure they are ready for their forever homes. None of this is funded by the town.
    If you would like to donate to WASA to help the dogs at Westport Animal Control and other town shelters in Fairfield County, you can visit westportwasa.org. You can also follow them on Facebook: Facebook.com/WestportWASA

  13. Dan, Can you keep us all posted on how the Osprey is doing. Better than us all calling Dr. Plunckett cking on it’s condition. As always you are the BEST.