Next Stop: Willoughby?

Metro-North riders were pleased to note that the rail line provided “good service” on March 9.

Metro-North -- good service

Unfortunately, yesterday — when this photo was taken — was August 16.

Rod Serling would be proud.

11 responses to “Next Stop: Willoughby?

  1. They are correct. That was the last day they had good service

  2. As one who had to sit through another all-to-frequent delay on my ride home yesterday, I can understand why they chose to post information from better days.

  3. Too funny 🙂 Was Rod Serling on the train?

  4. Robert Mitchell

    What’s one week among friends?

  5. Or is it really September 3rd? Spooky.

  6. Laughing out loud. 🙂

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    I recall metro north train delays were not uncommon even back in the 1980’s and 90’s.

    Except, of course, if you’ve just run a 5 block marathon because you just KNOW your gonna be late to catch that last train to Westport … in which case, it was always RIGHT on time.

    • My only “Grand” recollection of the train operation is from the blackout of 1977… so nice to sleep on the train back home to Westport.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        I vaguely recall a blackout in ’77. Was that the con-Ed/storm/lightening related occurrence?

        Heck, I was 9 yrs old then, so … lol.

        The one in the early aught’s was really something – entire Northeast grid, if I remember? I lived in Easton, CT at the time.

        Ah, good ‘ol American infrastructure and systems.

        So “current”.

        • It was a real lesson of “the show must go on”, as the Broadway play continued on with flashlights and man-made sound effects… Spent the rest of the night waiting for the train. Stuff happens. Happy I don’t “live” in Willoughby, though.