Lee Papageorge Died Today

The popular Oscar’s owner was 65.

I am away until Thursday with very limited internet access. I join Westport in mourning his death, and thank him for all he did for all of us – Dan Woog

36 responses to “Lee Papageorge Died Today

  1. Robin Scarella

    So so sorry to see this. He was a special person and a great loss to Westport. He will be missed by all.



  3. A man you could always count on. Loved his barber chair and him in it. Thank you for everything, Lee.

  4. JOHN G LAMBROS jlambros@jglambros.com

    Dan: Where can one send a condolence card, do you have his home address?

    • Susan Hopkins

      I’m wondering the same thing. I’d like to send MaryJo a personal note.

    • Bruce Schneider

      My guess is you can mail them to them c/o Oscar’s, 159 Main St, Westport, CT 06880. I assume they are still getting their mail.

  5. So very sorry and terribly sad to read this. Lee was such a wonderful person. A huge loss to our community. My most heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.

  6. Denise Torve

    Heartfelt condolences to the Papageorge and Oscar’s families. Lee was a big man with a big heart. He was always ready to join in and help with a Westport activity and organization and he loved to come up with ideas to make everything better. He will be sorely missed.

  7. Mary Sikorski

    So sorry to read this very sad news. Our hearts and condolences go out to his family. He was a very special person!
    The Sikorski Family
    Mary, Brian, Joe & Jimmy

  8. Holly Wheeler

    Godspeed on your next journey, Lee.

  9. So sad! Such a lovely man!

  10. Susan Hopkins

    An irreplaceable loss for Lee’s family, friends, and Westport. A larger than life figure who touched many hearts and lives over the years. Godspeed, Lee. “May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”.

  11. RIP Lee, thank you for all your years of serving us such beautiful food! Condolences to his family and many friends 🙁

    • Yes Jill! …the food & hanging people’s art & the tables outside… where else were we served a huge bowl of perfect pickles every time we sat down…

  12. Wendy Kramer Posner

    I send the whole extended Papageorge/Oscar’s family my deepest sympathies. Apart from feeding the Remarkable crew for many years, Lee was exceptionally kind to my parents in their declining years. Westport has lost one of the pillars of our community. How very sad.

    • “Westport has lost one of the pillars of our community.” Wendy, you’ve captured it perfectly. My condolences to Lee’s family.

  13. Vanessa Bradford

    To Westport’s main man on Main Street. Always with a smile, and wry wit! Very sad to hear of his passing…

  14. So Sad…..He will be sorely missed. Heartfelt sympathy to Lee’s family and to all who came to know him.

  15. Doris J. Levinson

    Aah. How sad. He was a good guy. A charmer. And Oscars was a Westport icon, thanks very very much to him.

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  16. Bobbie Herman

    So sad. He was such a dear man. Westport is no longer Westport. My condolences to Lee’s family.

  17. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    My sincere sympathies to the family. Oscar’s was a remarkable corner stone for Main Street and Lee was the pillar that held it all up. It is so sad to think of Oscar’s as closed and Lee and his whole family as the mainstays that held so much of Westport together no longer in their cherished spot. Lee, his family and the Oscar’s family will long be remembered and celebrated as part of what made Westport wonderful.

  18. RIP, Lee.

  19. Robin Markus

    Heartfelt sympathies to the family,friends and community. He was a wonderful man.

  20. johnhartwell47

    So, so sad

  21. Michael Calise

    So sorry, My thoughts and prayers are with his family

  22. …so very kind… the slightest interaction w/ Lee was filled w/ warmth… sometimes it felt stunning in a world which can be really cold…

  23. My condolences to Lee’s family. It does feel like a huge loss to the spirit of westport. He will be sorely missed.

  24. Julie Van Norden

    “And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”. Rest in peace.

  25. Mark and Jan Marcus

    Our sincere sympathy to Lee’s wife Mary Jo, his daughters and grandchildren. Jan and I have been going to Oscar’s since there was an Oscar’s. Lee was a friend who always made us feel welcome. Now sadly we have lost Lee and the last real Westport business. Main street will never be the same.

  26. Sending so much love to MaryJo, Missy, Ali and all of Lee’s grandkids. You were his life, and I know there is a huge hole in your hearts. Just know that you are very loved…
    Emily, Jack, Lisa and Bob

  27. Words cannot begin to describe the depth of sorrow that is being generated throughout the Westport community. Lee was a constant presence for so many, and knowing him added a ray of sunshine to our lives. He represented all that is good in our world.
    He will be sorely missed and treasured.
    Judith Marks-White

  28. Lee’s spirit was/is indomitable. I believe that he is right now surrounding his beautiful family smiling and encouraging them to soar in all of their endeavors. He was a huge presence in the lives of us “old” Westporters who thought of Oscars as our country club and Lee as the CEO of Main Street. Lee, you mastered one heck of a life! My husband, son and I will never forget you! Liz Fuller

  29. Anthony J Bento

    Lee was my oldest friend. We shared our fifth birthday together in 1956 and never looked back. I spent a great deal of time at Oscars. We sat and had soup with Paul Newman and almost got run over by Robert Redford. Lee, was Fairfield’s celebrity.
    Tony Bento

  30. Lee was always so kind to me. What a beautiful person.