Happy 70th Anniversary, Bob And Jean!

Alert “06880” reader and sweetFrog frozen yogurt shop owner Jennifer Gallan writes:

Around 6:35 every evening, I start looking in the parking lot for my friend in his hot red convertible Mustang. He’s never later than 7:15 — but if he ever is, I’ve told him I’ll go to his house to deliver.

You’ve probably seen this older man around town, proudly sporting his World War II hat and jacket, at lunch with a friend at the Sherwood Diner, Gold’s or Little Kitchen, or shopping in the grocery store as he makes his daily menu.

He doesn’t plan it too early, as he’s never sure what he might feel like eating. He cooks dinner every night for his “harem,” as I call it. They’re the nurses who help him take care of his wife. After he cooks dinner for everyone, he comes to me to get dessert.

Bob Satter is 92 years young. He’s a husband, father, grandfather — and he loves Westport.

In 2014, Bob Satter was grand marshal of Westport's Memorial Day parade.

In 2014, Bob Satter was grand marshal of Westport’s Memorial Day parade.

Every day, Bob slowly pulls into the parking lot. I make my way over to greet him. I walk by his side, volunteering to make his wife Jean’s cup of Cookies ‘n’ Cream, after he has wiggled out 2, 3 or 4 small cups.

He makes the rest. I happily bring them up to the scale.

As we walk, he tells me about his day and what he made for dinner, whether someone in his harem hit traffic, how thankful he is for the help and how his heart breaks.

But, he says, “I’ve had a very good life.” He says he “made a promise” to his wife — who barely recognizes him anymore.

He tells me quick stories, smiles and talks to my customers. He loves to tell a good joke. When he’s there, he has the floor the whole time.

I tell everyone he is a WWII vet — in case they don’t see his jacket and hat. Every veteran deserves respect. Some of the children in my store may never get the chance to meet a (famed portrait photographer) World War II veteran again.

Bob Satter, during World War II.

Bob Satter, during World War II.

As I bag Bob’s yogurt, I label them with lovers’ names: Desi and Lucy. Scarlett and Rhett. Prince Eric and Ariel — the list goes on.

I make sure to put hearts on Jean’s — lots of hearts. I show him who he and his wife are for the evening, and he laughs.

Sometimes he does not know who the lovers are. He says he wasn’t watching TV — he was providing for his family. I gently explain, and we laugh together.

Bob and Jean Satter, a few years ago.

Bob and Jean Satter, a few years ago.

I walk with him to his car. I open the door, and make sure my friend is in. I hand off the yogurt. We chat again, but he’s got to get back so his yogurt doesn’t melt.

As I stand in the parking lot to make sure the traffic is clear, he smiles and waves. “I hope to see you tomorrow,” he says.

My reply is always the same: “I hope to see you tomorrow too — I will!”

Sometimes he jokes, “I don’t even buy green bananas.” We both laugh, as he drives away.

I smile. As I walk back into the store, I’m at peace. I tell my customers his story of love.

Today, Bob will be married 70 years. That’s something to be proud of.

Happy 70th anniversary, Bob and Jean. Yours is love at its finest!

Bob and Jean Satter on their wedding day. He was 22 years old; she was 20.

Bob and Jean Satter on their wedding day. He was 22 years old; she was 20.




25 responses to “Happy 70th Anniversary, Bob And Jean!

  1. Barbara Wanamaker

    Bob took countless wedding albums, ours included. His work was outstanding and his love for and devotion to Jean unimaginable. All the best to the “roommates”.

  2. Barbara Stephen

    Happy Anniversary, thank you for your service and lots, and lots,of love today and every day! >

  3. Happy Anniversary Bob and Jeanie…Bob photographed our wedding almost 51 years ago,my daughter, Jennifer Blankfein’s, wedding,her bat mitzvah and my son,Bob’s Bar Mitzvah,my brother Warren Bloom’s album cover. He is part of our family. No one can admire him more because we are both care givers filled with eternal love for our spouses. Bob calls me to see how I am doing..imagine that? He is an amazing person! Bob you are my inspiration..sending you and Jeanie tons of love on your anniversary😘😘😘💜💜

  4. Susan Silver

    Happy Anniversary Bob and Jeanie. Your love and loyalty is such an inspiration. And thank you Jennifer for honoring them.

  5. Blair Satter

    Dan, thank you for posting this story about my parents. I am very lucky.

    • Gretchen Shea

      I love this story Blair – it has made what was a really good day already even better. Thanks to Jennifer and Dan.

  6. Cheri Breeman

    Such a touching story about my favorite aunt and uncle. Thanks

  7. Holly Wheeler

    Happy 70th anniversary, Bob and Jean. <3. Thanks Jennifer and Dan.

  8. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Happy Anniversary Bob & Jeannie. You are an inspiration to all.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Always looked forward to seeing you both. You prove that true love exists!

  10. Karen Bernstein

    Bob was our wedding photographer when my husband and I married in 1984. What a fabulous man. Peter and I wish he and his darling, Jeannie, a very happy anniversary!

  11. Susan Hopkins

    It’s 7:20 AM in Colorado … early … but my day is made. Happy Anniversary, Bob and Jean. Your enduring marriage is a testament to love, honor, and commitment. Thank you for your service to our country, Bob. Enjoy this special day.

  12. What an excellent photographer.. way ahead of his time. Truly and artist. Happy Anniversary! Quite an accomplishment!

  13. Gil Ghitelman

    Bob Satter is the best. When he holds court at Gold’s their pastrami sandwiches taste better. He’s come a long way from De Witt Clinton HS
    in the Bronx and when he goes spinning around in his red Mustang convertible he makes a truly dashing impression.
    Congrats and a major hat tip Bob!

  14. Joan Gillman

    What a great life and love story. Happy Anniversary Bob and Jean. Dan, thank you for sharing their story.

  15. What a poignant story. I have tears in my eyes. All the best to Bob and Jean. Happy 70th anniversary!

  16. Anne Parnas Skandera

    Loved reading this. Bob took my engagement picture 50 years ago and my wedding pictures also,.

  17. Bob took a memorable photo of our family when our four kids were young, easily 50 years ago. What a delightful man. I remember him over in Greens Farms in the building with George Cardoza, another lovely guy. Anniversary greetings and hugs.

  18. I saw Bob the other day and it’s always such a treat. Love for everyone and his wonderful Jeanie pours out of him. Bob Satter took my engagement photo (Oct.’66), our fabulous wedding photos in NYC in Feb.’67, professional photos of my dad (artist & children’s book author), AND the photos of our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding in Darien and at Longshore in 1995! He was the best photographer and friend. Happy anniversary, Bob and Jeanie, and thanks for such an upbeat story you passed along, Dan!!!

  19. Keith Satter

    Every word is so true as are everyone’s recollections. Dan, thanks for telling a true love story and thanks to everyone for their comments.

  20. Jodi Makransky (Levin)

    This is simply beautiful. Thank you for writing this. I am Jean and Bob’s niece – my mother is Jeans sister Uncle Bob and aunt Jean were always my favorites and yes, Bob is a wonderful story teller. Having grown up in California I loved going to their house as a child – especially in the winter and playing in the snow. A rarity for a California gireaders. What I remember most about Jean was her laugh. She had this wonderful giggle. I will never forget that about her. They both always made me feel so loved and so happy to have us there. <3

  21. Gil Ghitelman

    I’m convinced that Bob’s purchase of a snazzy convertible last year was to satisfy a midlife crisis!

  22. Congratulations MR AND MRS SATTER .

  23. Barbara Stephen

    Boy, that sure was a good story, thanks, DAN

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