Remembering Mitchell Ferguson

In many ways, CVS is just another chain store.

But the Compo Shopping Center keeps its staff longer than most similar places. They’re friendly, hard-working, and they develop strong relationships with their customers.

So when Mitchell Ferguson — a longtime photo processing center employee — died earlier this month of a heart attack, CVS did something most chain stores don’t do.

They honored him with flowers. And — appropriately enough — a photo:

Mitchell Ferguson

(Hat tip: Seth Schachter)

25 responses to “Remembering Mitchell Ferguson

  1. Pam Barkentin

    How sad. My heartfelt condolences to the CVS staff and Mitchell’s family and friends.

  2. I’m sorry to read this. Mitchell was a cheerful man who made a visit to CVS more than tolerable. mmm

  3. Ann Marie Flynn

    I’m just finding out about the passing of Mitchell Ferguson now. How sad.
    What a loss for us all.
    He was always wonderfully helpful and an enjoyable person to work and converse with. I enjoyed his sense of humor. He will be missed. Mitch, best wishes to RIP.

  4. Fred Cantor

    Very sorry to hear this. He was always very helpful.

  5. Donna ODonnell

    So sorry to hear. I enjoyed knowing Mitchell over the years. He was helpful, funny and kind. My thoughts are with his twin brother Michael and the others in his family.

  6. Adam Vengrow

    very sad to hear, ive seen him for years and always goes out of his way to help everyone. Sometimes people forget those that fill a little role along the way thru their days. It is amazing the pass it on kind of feeling somebody can create when they make even the littlest of errands a pleasure. He did this. Thanks to 06880 for recognizing him, very well deserved.

  7. Dorothy Abrams

    I remember how helpful he was. He was always so patient.

  8. Jackie Kupper

    He was always helpful. Sorry to hear he has passed away

  9. Joyce Bottone

    My thoughts and prayers are with his brother and the entire family. I can’t remember for sure when cvs moved off of Main Street, to its current location, but Mitch and Mike were always there to help me out. I always smiled at the thought of how wonderful it must be to be able to work so closely with ones twin brother. RIP Mitchell and courage and strength to Michael.

  10. He was the nicest guy…always so helpful and pleasant. I will miss seeing him at CVS. Very sad!

  11. Marcia Falk

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Mitch was such a helpful and knowledgable person, but as an infrequent customer I had no idea of his passing. It’s thoughtful of you to mention this story in your column and let the community know of how one mega national drug chain took the time to honor a valued employee.

  12. Nell Barrett

    I’m so very sad to hear this news about Mitch — and appreciate 06880 letting the community know. Mitch was so helpful, and a great part of the day to day in Westport… going to CVS, trying to figure out the photo kiosks (uh oh), getting the last minute passport shots taken, all that. And it was always with relief and appreciation that we’d see him there, knowing he’d sort us out. I hope his family and friends find some comfort in knowing that Mitch made a community out of strangers. That is a gift.

  13. Very sad news. He was a nice man. He was, for me, a visual fixture in Westport. I always liked seeing him and all of my interactions with him were pleasant. He was seemingly a man of a quiet, helpful and friendly nature. A loss for our town as well as his family and friends. My sincerest condolences to his brother, and all who knew him. Great loss.

  14. This was such a shock when I went into CVS and saw Mitch’s picture. I couldn’t believe it. Mitch was always so patient and helpful. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Mike, Cheryl and your family. He will be remembered every time I walk into CVS and look for him. It just won’t be the same.

  15. Kathie Bennewitz

    Very very sad. He was the nicest and most helpful and patient of the staff, always wore a smile
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Sarah Gross

    0MG!! i had no idea – I am so sad – . I have felt blessed to know Mitch over the past 40 years. We met working at the restaurant Something Special – where Blue Lemon was. There we tried to “normalize’ him by buying him a pair of blue jeans 😉 He humored us by at least putting them on but we soon realized that “nomralizing’ Mitch was pointless…. and why? because we loved him just the way he was and of course – he never wore the blue jeans again !!
    What many do not know is that he was a hightly evolved Transendential Medication meditator. This surely grounded him in his work and life of self less service. He has alwasy been a true north spark of truth in my life – telling it like it is – like he always did – with his wry whit . He is havng a blast in this new iteration of self – I just know it
    RIP in the physical – expanding now into light of the essential – Glory be Mitch Glory be !!! xooxoxxo
    For those who want to share – here is the official memorial site for Mitch

  17. Rose Jordan

    Mitch was a dear sweet man, always cheerful, always helpful. He will be missed.

  18. Terry Santella Anzalone

    OMG, he was such a nice man. So sad.

  19. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Such a nice, helpful man. I’m so sorry to hear the news.

  20. Kim P. Sullivan

    I remember Mitch and his twin brother from Staples. Very sweet people. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

  21. He totally humanized CVS.

  22. a lovely man always. Condolences to his family.

  23. Barbara Greenspan

    I recently had a great experience with him at CVS. I was working on a work project and he helped me every step of the way. He was so patient. I was so appreciative and I told him. I will miss him.

  24. Karen Siegel

    Mitchell Ferguson was an incredible human being. I met him 26 years ago: he was a professional reflexologist and healer. His heart was filled with a subtle humor and tremendous kindness. I will miss Mitchell for the unique spirit he was…his smile and wisdom will remain with me forever.

  25. Memorial for Mitchell is August 13th
    Christ Trinity Church – 75 Church St Westport
    at 11 am