Allegations Lift Veil Covering Bridgewater

Claims of sexual harassment, fear and intimidation are surfacing in Westport.

Specifically, they’re alleged to occur at Bridgewater Associates. The world’s largest hedge fund is headquartered at 2 sites — the Glendinning property on Weston Road and Nyala Farms, off I-95 exit 18 — but its reputation for secrecy is legendary.

The charges — reported today in the New York Times — were filed earlier this year with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights, by a 34-year-old employee. The newspaper interviewed 7 former employees and people who have worked with Bridgewater, lifting a lid on the $154 billion firm.

Bridgewater has also been the focus of a National Labor  Relations Board complaint, about confidentiality agreements that have led to interference and coercion.

The Times story includes information ranging from recordings of all meetings, to skinny-dipping and excessive drinking at an off-site retreat.

Click here for the full New York Times article.

The Bridgewater building on Weston Road.

The Bridgewater building on Weston Road.

33 responses to “Allegations Lift Veil Covering Bridgewater

  1. Richard Gabor

    Wow, this could be a HBO or Shoetime hit ! Let’s call it ” Billions!”

  2. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Dan is this not a matter for the courts and are we all not innocent until proven otherwise Why throw this out there Westport has always been very cool and stand back with out celebrity population not chastising them when there were allegations of impropriety in the National Inquirer or national spotlight. Martha was free to walk the streets, Bill was free to be cheered, our music stars are not hounded. It makes Westport a place they can live unlike most other places where they face paparazzi and other constant hassles. Why then do you chose to spotlight our corporate resident before they have their chance to answer allegations in the courts or elsewhere. Dan you chose your articles carefully, and do not delve into news with out strong documentation or proof, your 06880 plus is testament to this, I think this one is one that I would expect to see on a magazine on the check out line at stop and shop, and not worthy of 06880.

    • Thanks, Chip. This is news now because it was in the NY Times — not a magazine at Stop & Shop. A dozen people forwarded me the link, so it’s out there. I just reported on the story — I did not go digging. One more example of “where Westport meets the world.” (Also, there’s a difference between a “celebrity” and a company headquartered here that’s an enormous taxpayer, right?)

    • Dick Lowenstein

      Who’s Bill?

  3. A.David Wunsch

    I remember Nyala Farms. It was beautiful. This isn’t progress.
    ADW Staples 1956

    • Just to be clear, the photo is of the Bridgewater headquarters at the Glendinning property off Weston Road (near Ford Road) — NOT Nyala Farms. The Nyala Farms buildings (formerly Stauffer Chemicals world headquarters) are almost hidden from view.

  4. well, isn’t that the old Dorr mill ?

  5. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Dorr Oliver maker of fine Embalming fluid right up to the late 60’s


    I have worked as an outside contractor for the likes of Goldman Sachs, NASDQ, Bloomberg, and other major albeit secretive and or influential companies, but nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you for Bridgewater. I have interviewed with them two different times, a few years apart, both lasting a combined eight plus hours. These were just the first meetings. They take place in a conference room, but are much more an interrogation and its not one on one, but with two or more questioners and your fellow position seeker or a person seeking employment not even related to the position you are seeking. Since then I have worked different company wide major events and for the private conference center/hotel/inn on Greens Farms Road. (bet no one knew that secret–yes they own two mansions across from the ex18 complex—the upper property is a knock down, the lower is the center) I’ll bet the skinny dipping might of happened there. I have had my iphone taken from me, I have been graded on there 1 to 5 scale, and I see all sorts of both recording and berating of people. It is without a doubt one of the most off putting work assignments out there. I have a very close friend who also was an outside contractor, who was singularly assigned to Bridgewater. She dealt with the actual office complex and said she saw people crying on a regular basis. They believe in breaking you down, ripping you apart, and then building you back up. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the super secretive Bridgewater…. They are very very bizarre to say the least…. and yes that isn’t my real name but as a whistle blower to the insane….I need to protect myself

    • Full names are required to comment on “06880,” unless there is a good reason not to. I allowed this comment with an alias.

      • Chip Stephens - Staples 73

        Dan You gotta decide and stick to your guns full disclosure with full name or let shadows blow off BS One poster in this string so far was a public official who got in a boat load of trouble using an alias to push his agenda as a shadow and got nailed

        • Chip we know each other and Dan knows me very well… I’m keeping a low profile because it’s my work and I might be put in a bad spot… But until you actually walk in the shoes of someone who has dealt with this culture… No one can know

    • Nancy Hunter

      At the very least, you weren’t publicly spanked as some bank employees in China! Then again, there is actual proof of that.

  7. Jack Whittle

    Dick T –

    You aren’t any sort of whistleblower, Ray Dalio’s 360 degree feedback management approach – including group dissection of work interactions (which are recorded), his 210 (not counting sub-parts!) management principles, his intense desire for confidentiality, and the unusual work environment are all well-documented in the business press and elsewhere. Working at Bridgewater is well-known to be an intense experience. Then again, so can working on M&A at a top NYC law firm.

    I don’t see how your post makes you eligible for code name treatment here, but I don’t run the place . . .

    • Dick tracey

      Jack haveyou ever work there…. If not You should just sit back and read…without being on the inside and seeing it firsthand you have no knowledge

      • Jack Whittle

        Nothing you said is “insider info” Dick, that’s my point – suggest you read the info on BW that is readily available on this intraweb thingy – you would find that an interesting read, I guess. As for what I know, who knows what I know – and I have begun to forget much of what I once knew. : )

        But, there’s a chance I might just know a whole lot more about BW than you learned during the course of two separate, and unsuccessful, interviews with them. So you never actually worked at BW in their employ, right?

  8. I read the article, watched the video. Love the idea that people should be able to disagree without contentiousness. That’s the way life should be. My love of politics, history and economics has had me toying over the years with running for political office. (not going to do it) In my dreams, I always picture myself being video taped always during work hours, never taking phone calls without being recorded, not accepting mail personally or being alone with anyone so I am above suspicion of any kind and no one could anonymously deliver a threat of any kind. Now that we have the technology, I think that’s how people in public office should conduct themselves. Leave a trail.

  9. This hedge fund “secrecy” angle from the NYT is totally bogus. EVERY company facing an employee sex harassment charge tries to keep it under wraps. (And EVERY company of this size has faced one or more cases of this type.)

    Listen, I’m as suspicious of the hedge fund industry as the next guy, but sexual harassment charges that an employer sought to keep “under wraps” have happened at places as respectable as the Town of Westport and, yes, the New York Times.

  10. Funny that “skinny dipping” is now considered a form of sexual harassment. Back in the 70’s, a closely-related activity called “streaking” was considered an act of protest and liberation.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Funny, “streaking” was more on a dare, or simply showing off after too many beers. There’s a picture in my Staples ’76 yearbook… It seems guys weren’t so “brave” after all since football or lacrosse helmets were worn. Ha!

    • Nancy Hunter

      Then again maybe it actually was a form of protest & liberation:
      “The new dress code for Staples High School students stipulates that both boys and girls must wear footwear…girls’ dresses must cover their undergarments and their torsos… Boys will be clean-shaven… The wearing of culottes is permitted… Jeans are permitted for the boys.”

      Well, the streaker in the photo (who looks kinda familiar) is indeed wearing footwear!

  11. Dick Tracey

    I did work there! And had to deal with there bs! But I was hired as an outside contractor…. Regardless it’s not a healthy atmosphere … It’s pretty ugly

  12. The Embalmers Supply Co. (ESCO) had the smaller building on Ford Rd that was remodeled/expanded in recent years and added to the Glendenning campus. As far as I can tell, ESCO had nothing to do with Dorr Oliver, which was a manufacturer of pumps, not chemicals. But ESCO was related to another chemical company, CB Dolge, who locals might remember from their small rail siding by the Saugatuck station.

    • that’s it !!!…been wracking my 80 year old brain for CB Dolge !!! that’s
      the embalming part…Mr. Dorr was not interested in embalming, i think,
      having met the gentleman a few times at parties i played at, given by his
      wife Nell, an extremely interesting person, to say the least, in their beautiful home quite near the Mill.
      the whole area around the Dorr Mill, as it used to be known, was inhabited by Dorr employee/scientists, including the home and property later owned by Mr. and Mrs.Newman.
      and there was no Ford Road; it was Clinton Ave. then. and up to
      the right, where Clinton hit rte. 57, was Rabbit Hill, of the book “Rabbit Hill”
      fame. Thanks, Mr. Lawson ! and thank you, Mr. Dorr. i loved swimming in
      your millpond, and playing in your home.

  13. I would love the history of those tall trees on that property.. (almost looks like a virgin Forest) but they also look in rows like they were planted. I remember the forest where Jansen Drive is now along Cross Highway and wondered if they were all one big forest at one time. If old houses could only talk!!