Long May She Wave

I sure screwed up yesterday’s post about a “missing” AED. (It wasn’t stolen from Winslow Park at all – it had never been installed. I also misidentified the donor — it’s the Gudis Family Foundation and Norwalk Hospital, not the Adam Greenlee Foundation. Click here to see how many times I could be wrong in one post.)

This one is on the money.

A year ago, Tarantino owner John Paul Marchetti installed an American flag outside his Railroad Place restaurant.

He’s a proud Marine Corps Reserves veteran — he served in Iraq — and was honored to fly it 24/7.

Tarantino flag

Yesterday, he and his brothers — co-owners of the popular Saugatuck spot — noticed the flag was gone.

Marchetti was angry. “This country gave my immigrant parents everything,” he said. “The flag is a symbol of freedom. Someone stole that symbol.”

I told Marchetti I would post the story on “06880.” We’d ask the thief to return the flag, no questions asked.

Meanwhile, Marchetti posted a photo on social media.

Westport Hardware Store owner Richie Velez saw it. He promised to bring a replacement over, as soon as he got off work.

So, if you’re the flag thief, do the right thing. Hand it off to someone who can fly it as proudly as Marchetti, and cares as much as Velez.

(Hat tip: Johnny Carrier)

2 responses to “Long May She Wave

  1. Lynne Betts Baker

    It is a sad state of affairs when soneone would steal a hanging flag. I live by the beach. Lots of foot traffic. Lost 2 flags. Ripped right out of their brackets. Which was attached to the house. Finally went higher up on the house and a big heavy metal bracket. My son asked if I could electrify it. Oh my… Some folks now a days have no respect for others which boils down to no self respect. So very sad.

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Great! Electrify the flag stand! A perfect eye for an eye solution that has become far too common in the least harmful of situations. Like dog poo.