“06880” Party: Need A Ride? Share A Ride!

Several readers would love to come to Thursday night’s “06880” party. But they don’t have beach stickers. (And, as much as they like a good time, they’ve decided it’s not worth the daily parking fee. Can’t say I blame ’em.)

Uber would be a good alternative — except their cars probably don’t have stickers either.

Well, every problem has a solution.* Here’s ours:

  • If you need a ride, email me: dwoog@optonline.net. Tell me where you’re coming from (geographically, not metaphysically).
  • If you can offer a ride, email me: dwoog@optonline.net. Tell me your approximate pick-up range.

I’ll do my best to connect riders and drivers — privately, of course. No guarantees, but it’s just one more way in which “06880” is “where Westport meets the world.”

*Except in the US Congress.

Another way to get to the "06880" party.

6 responses to ““06880” Party: Need A Ride? Share A Ride!

  1. Bobbie Herman

    If I looked like that, I wouldn’t have to ask for a lift!

  2. Nancy Hunter

    Dan uses this caricature every year just to make us feel bad.

  3. Carson Coyle

    I have a meeting Thursday, but I will I will cancel it and pick her up. -send me her info! 🙂

    Carson Coyle -Sent from my iPhone


  4. I’m so sorry I missed this, Dan! I was out of town.

  5. Oh…I just read this more carefully. Is the party this Thursday, July 21st? If so, I’ll try to stop by, Dan.