“06880” Party Just 1 Week Away!

The 4th annual “06880″ party is less than a week away.

And if you’re reading this, you’re invited.

Next Thursday (July 21, 6 p.m.) is the day and time. The far end of Compo’s South Beach — away from the cannons, near the boat and kayak launch, the best place to watch the sunset — is the place. (Still confused? See the aerial view below.)

The blue arrow marks the "06880" party spot.

The blue arrow marks the “06880” party spot.

Every member of the “06880″ (as in, this website) community is invited. We welcome frequent commenters and lurkers. Folks who have lived here all their lives, and those who moved here yesterday. People who want the Saugatuck bridge to stay the same, those who want a new one, and everyone in between. (Though we’ll keep the party a politics-free zone.)

The tagline for “06880″ is “Where Westport meets the world.” Next Thursday, that world comes to Compo.

Rick Eason's drone's-eye view of the 2014 party. Too bad he took it so early -- plenty more folks arrived after this shot!

Rick Eason’s drone’s-eye view of the 2014 party. Too bad he took it so early — plenty more folks arrived after this shot!

Bring your own food, beverages, beach chairs and blankets. Then mix, mingle and enjoy the evening with the “06880″ crowd.

There’s no charge. It’s a “fun-raiser,” not a fundraiser.

See you next Thursday!

18 responses to ““06880” Party Just 1 Week Away!

  1. Bobbie Herman

    I would love to come, but I live in Fairfield, just over the dividing line, and don’t have a Westport beach sticker.. I would really appreciate it if someone would give me a lift. I’ll meet you anywhere, and bring a bottle of wine!

  2. Jo Ann Davidson

    Dan, I’m so sorry we’ll be away, but get the drone up there so we can see the gang. Thanks . Weather blessings, Too. Jo Ann

  3. Is there a provision for those of us without stickers and out of state plates?

  4. Dan,

    I would love to attend your beach bash. I have a previous engagement in NYC. So sorry to miss it, but count me in for next year!


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  5. Would love to introduce our community to Le Rouge Frozen Chocolate Mousse Bites if it’s ok with you Dan. You do so much this is the least I can do.. Just need an approximate numbe of people expected

    • Aarti, the “06880” crowd would LOVE to enjoy ANYTHING from you and the fabulous Le Rouge. Depending on the weather, we get anywhere from 50-100 folks. Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Looks like you posted a mirror image of the proceedings, with the 06880 shown backwards.

  7. Mary Hoffman

    always a fabulous night, looking forward to being there and meeting new 06880 neighbors

  8. As always, sounds like a lot of fun. Dan, you do so much for Westport pointing out its good and bad, it’s history and the people who call or called Westport home. How about a ‘where are they now’ article. I’d like to know about some of Westport’s star athletes, leaders in politics and business and community citizens starting in the ’50’s going forward? And how about a bio on Dan Woog and how you came to being the eyes and ears of Westport, making so many of us proud to live or who lived in town?

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    • Thanks, David! The “where are they now” idea is great — but I’d have to hire an intern to track it all down (and figure out who to cover). Of course, I’m always on the lookout for interesting info, so if anyone has any stories of people from the past, send ’em along.

      As for the Dan Woog bio — I’ll pass 🙂

  9. Mary Ann West

    I’ll bring the lemonade

  10. I’ve got a small car with a beach sticker and I can’t drive at night….so if anyone would like to give me lift in my own beachstickered car if and if,Dan you are willing to screen the calls and be the matchmaker maybe we can make a deal

  11. Sandie Cole

    From the parked cars does the number read 09880?from the beach 08860?