Once a day, every day — as regularly as the tides — Old Mill Beach-goers and Hillspoint Road drivers, joggers and strollers are treated to the same sight:

(Photo/Lynn Flaster)

(Photo/Lynn Flaster)

There must be a story behind the boat and its owners.

Clueless? Too lazy to get an actual mooring? Just happy going out for a quick spin when the tide is high?

If you know the back story, click “Comments” below.

In the meantime, we know one thing: At least half of each day, no one will steal this boat.

17 responses to “Beached!

  1. Its on a mooring HELLOOOOOO

  2. Craig Clark

    This is not something new. I grew up on the Cove and most every family had a boat. If we wanted to use the boat during low tide, we’d walk it out far enough that it would always be afloat. Last time I was in Westport, there were very few boats in the Cove. Of course, the families I grew up with are probably all gone.

  3. Matt Murray

    I think they leave it there so someone can blog about it. I’m going back to my Pokémon Go now. 😉

  4. The boat belongs to a home owner on Hillspoint Rd.

  5. Karen Huppi Vail

    On Cape Cod we see this all the time, it’s generally judged as picturesque! 😉

  6. Pat Saviano

    There used to be a sailboat moored there. An elderly gentleman would swim out to it and use the dingy to come back to shore for his wife so they could go for a sail. I always thought it was so sweet. Haven’t seen them in a few years sadly

  7. Craig Clark describes it well… I remember back in the 60s and 70s there were probably a dozen boats moored there… my family kept a boat at Burying Hill beach in the creek along with several other families

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    My father rented a cottage on mill beach back in the 1970’s (post my parents divorce) and I think I remember seeing a few boats moored around that area. Not sure though … I was a “tater-tot” back then, so memories are fuzzy.
    I do recall playing around the tidle stream under the “locks” between the mill pond and the outer beach area. I thought they were locks or damns underneath, but again, this is from a very young person’s perspective.
    Dad actually had his sailboat moored at the Compo basin inlet at the time, and that was really awesome. But, barnacle removal was a challenge – I helped him scrap those buggers off the hull one season, and in the water no less! (Yup, life jackets were involved, lol. And no, it wasn’t child labor – I mostly swam and bobbed around while my Dad chiseled away, occasionally showing me how to do it. But hell if it wasn’t a learning experience in tenacity!!).

    I love Westport, my ‘ol hometown … At least, the way it used to be (Clambox, Allen’s days).

    Shoot, anyone else get teary eyed from these sentiments like I do?

    • >> anyone else get teary eyed from these sentiments like I do?

      Well, there are some of us newer 06880 readers who get a kind of intense secondhand nostalgia for places and people we’ve only read about and seen in pictures…

  9. Lynne Betts Baker

    Dan, Pete Aitkin, Gail Latimer Gorian and myself (and a bunch of others) grow up at Old Mill. We all had bosts and that little run-about in your photo IS moored. That’s how you do it at Old Mill. You’re right. We could only take our boats out when the water covered the flats. Sometimes we’d be sitting on the wall just waiting. Was a wonderfil place to be a child.

  10. Craig Clark

    Lynne, were you there when Peter took his motorboat around the Mill Pond? In those days, you could make it through the first bridge, by his house, in to the pond. There is too much sand now to do that. Sharon, Weston/Westport is where I grew up. But I have moved on and NH is my home now having been here longer than in CT.

  11. Armelle Daniels

    The boat belongs to homeowners (and friends) on Hillspoint. It is moored. One of the (wonderful) perks of buying a home right on the water 🙂

  12. Bill Sweedler

    Dan, I will solve the mystery! As you know, I’m a life long Westporter and am lucky to live on the water with my wife and kids! As my parents loved the water and fishing, I always wanted my kids to have that special experience connecting to the water. When we moved from Saugatuck to Old Mill and lost our dock we put in a mooring to still have access. So while “she”, the 16 Whaler, sits idle, beached, and apparently lonely many a day, that boat brings great joy, and nostalgic memories, during the dog days of Summer! Watching my kids and friends out at high tide learning everything there is to learn about boating on the sound – fishing, water-skiing, tubing, cruising and just being able to get away makes me realize why we stayed in Westport all these years!. My youngest Cam, the soccer player that you know, is the one that uses the boat the most and learned the hard way about missing returning to port before mid-tide! I hope this helps add a little color to the story of the boat at Old Mill!

    • Great info! Glad to know the boat is used and loved. The Sweedler family is a Westport jewel — and I’m glad I’m getting to know Cam too!

  13. Dan, there was a dock moored in about the same spot as the boat. It disappeared maybe 15 years or more ago. I know we’d see some of the neighborhood kids play and lie out on it. Perhaps one of our storms “took care of it.” 🙁