Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #80

The next time you’re stuck on Hillspoint Road, at the Post Road light, look left. You’ll see a picnic bench, in the woods by Sakura.

That was last week’s photo challenge. Only 1 “06880” reader was alert enough to nail it. Congratulations, Marcella Lozyniak! (Click here for the image — and all the incorrect guesses.)

Oh My 06880 - July 10, 2016

(Photo/Jaime Bairaktaris)

Perhaps readers will have better luck with this week’s challenge. If you know where Jaime Bairaktaris found this shot, click “Comments.” (Click on or hover over to read it more clearly.)

If you’ve got a back story, add that. There should be plenty of good info on this one!

12 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #80

  1. Old Mill at foot bridge

  2. Add’l info – Aitkin family lived in the Old Mill house at
    first foot bridge out to Compo Cove houses – we grew up in neighborhood and used to swim at first tidal bridge there before town rebuilt later in 1980’s – great place to swim and fish from April thru October
    back then in the early 1960’s

  3. by the old mill house raceway at Sherwood Mill Pond

  4. Bob Weingarten

    Since Chris brought up the fact that the Aitkin family lived in the Old Mill, I thought I would provide additional information for history buffs.
    While doing research for the Mill Cove book I found that Leonard H. Gault sold to Mary Aitkin in 1927 “a certain frame building in said Town of Westport,known as “Compo Mill”… Austin King Aitkin received the property by Probate in 1935. He deeded the “Compo Mill” to Kathleen Aitkin in 1959. After her death the property was sold to George and Janet Von Tobel (1982). Hope this is not much info…Note that the Westport Historical Society current exhibit is called “the beautiful pond” which celebrates Old Mill Pond, Compo Cove.



  6. Absolutely right. The plaques commemorate the Aitkins, who owned the house that spans the tidal current from Old Mill Beach into the Sherwood Mill Pond. Pete Aitkin (owner of the Black Duck) is their son. Now: Does anyone know if those are just regular plaques, or if the Aitkins are somehow buried there?!

  7. These plaques are under the bridge At Compo Mill pond.
    Leigh Gage

  8. Michael Calise

    It is my understanding that they are buried there



  10. Lynne Betts Baker

    Hey Dan, I don’t know the plaques are but knew them personally. They were Pete Aitlkins (Black Duck) Mom and Dad. Where are they? I’ll go visit. These are fun.

    • Right by the Aitkins’ old house, on Sherwood Mill Pond. As you walk on the wooden bridge behind the house, look down on the right — they’re right next to the water.

  11. Melissa Aitkin Beers

    They are commemorative plaques in recognition of our parents love of the Old Mill Beach area and the environmental attention they tried to give to the Mill Pond- they are not buried there!! I worked with the town attorney at the time to have the plagues placed there when we sold the property- Melissa Aitkin Beers