Police Lives Matter

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

13 responses to “Police Lives Matter

  1. Jeff Launiere

    Amen – God Bless our Police Officers. Prayers to those in Dallas

  2. Powerful, Dan. Thank you.

  3. Mary Maynard

    Thank you, Chip and Dan, you made me cry all over again; but now for the other side, too.

  4. Sally Kellogg

    All lives matter…

  5. All lives matter, gun control matters.

  6. Gun control matters.

  7. Carol Luciano Swan

    I send my deepest condolences to every police officer and their families, having been in a police family myself – now I try to explain to our bi-racial grandson that all life is to be respected and hope he’ll believe me – I can only hope.

  8. Tom Kashetta

    This is all very upsetting. I wish everyone would go on you tube and listen to FBI director Comeys speech given at Georgetown university. I feel every police officer in the country should listen to it……

  9. Every picture tells a story …. Thank you, Dan.

  10. Dorothy Abrams

    During the 50 years I lived In Westport, there were two times I asked the police for help. How grateful I was for the quick and efficient response.

  11. Nancy vener


  12. Matt Bannon

    God bless the men and woman who serve our community everyday
    And our god bless our second amendment rights