You Can Have Abe Lincoln On Your Lawn

For as long as he can remember, Kelly Spearen loved working with his hands.

During his years at Bedford Junior High and Staples High School, he spent time with carpenters. He was accepted to helicopter and airborne Ranger school. In 1975 he joined Westport Center Service, and as general manager built its automotive department from scratch.

In the 1980s he got into metalworking. His wrought-iron hardware pieces were bought by L.L. Bean and Stew Leonard’s.

Spearen then created bigger sculptures. A private customer bought his 22-foot Eiffel Tower. Another purchased a giant question mark. With the advent of Facebook, he was able to find customers as far away as California and Germany.

Kelly Spearen's "Eiffel Tower" now sits on a private residence, along the Saugatuck River.

Kelly Spearen’s “Eiffel Tower” now sits on a private residence, along the Saugatuck River.

But the hands that have brought him so far now betray him. Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia have made it tough to work on large pieces — hard, sometimes, even to get to his well-equipped studio here in Westport. He’s in a ton of pain, and it can take 4 hours to get going in the morning. But he does not complain.

Kelly Spearen, in his home studio.

Kelly Spearen, in his home studio.

So, as Spearen concentrates on smaller sculptures, he’s selling off his biggest ones. Search for “Dr Funky Metal” on Facebook to see what’s available, or call 203-429-4230.

Then just figure out where and how to get your new sculpture on your lawn.

"Abe," by Kelly Spearen.

“Abe,” by Kelly Spearen.

Kelly Spearen calls this "Asian style."

Kelly Spearen calls this sculpture “Asian style.”



5 responses to “You Can Have Abe Lincoln On Your Lawn

  1. Dusty Ford

    We own one of his Sculptures . He’s very talented , and a great guy .

  2. Westport Hardware

    so beyond talented! love your work!

  3. His work is beyond incredible .. It must be seen to appreciate , all of the detail , and love he puts in every Sculpture ….

  4. We have five of Kelley’s work . . . the amazing “question mark,” “WTF”, the golf club, “Marilyn,” “Confucius” and two recent small works. Super guy, super talent. Bravo Zulu!


    I’ve known Kelly over the years and have helped steady elements in his assemblages while he levels and plumbs the shapes into place. This is heavy work.
    I am anxious to see the upcoming collection of smaller metalwork that he is conceptualizing now. He is currently modifying his studio in preparation for this transformation of formats from large scale to pieces that would be appropriately installed indoors. I’ll still be hanging around the shop from time to time even if my assistance is no longer required because Kelly is a great guy as well as a talented and creative artist with a torch.