New York Sports Club Exercises Its Right To Close

New York Sports Club — the popular Compo Shopping Center place to work out, after noshing at nearby Gold’s — will close July 31.

They did not renew their lease. Whether they faced an increase or not is unclear.

Of course, there are plenty of other New York Sports Clubs in the area:

NY Sports Club

And lots of other gyms too.

(Hat tip: Bruce Schneider)

18 responses to “New York Sports Club Exercises Its Right To Close

  1. Dana McCreesh

    Any word on what is going into bertuccis space? Or sbc ( southport)?

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    • Bobbie Herman

      Is SB closing?

      • Bobbie Herman

        That should have been SBC.

      • Bobbie Herman

        I called SBC today and got a recorded message stating that they had closed June 29 after twenty years, I am so sorry to earn this — it was one of our favorites and my husband and I would go there every couple of weeks. The burgers were the best, and their other dishes were good, too. The staff was always friendly and efficient. I wonder why they closed — it was always packed. Stamford and Milford are just too far to travel for a burger.

    • Dan, Thank you for making it official. NYSC has yet to inform its members. While it’s been the worst kept secret, I believe that the members should have received immediate notification. I find the silence disrespectful. Now…time to shop around for a gym.

      • It is my understanding that members will be notified after their membership is converted to Passbook (more $$) where they can use the nearest NYSC, in this case Stamford, but only after the $$ is deducted from your credit card for the first month. Obviously this doesn’t apply to Silver Sneakers but there are a lot of us who have the $19.95 pm memberships. I cancelled my membership last week as there is a 30 day grace period but they can’t charge me any more. BTW apparantly in our contract they have the right to do this as long as there is another NYSC within 30 miles!!

        • Thanks for the info.
          I am not a fan of this process. In fact, totally turned off to NYSC for holding me hostage.

          • Bobbie Herman

            I belonged to NYSC for a year, but left because they changed Zumba instructors, and I wasn’t happy with the replacements. Zumba is the only thing I’m interested in. The management was very rude when I told them I was leaving, and they socked me with a couple of hidden charges.

            • Bobbie Herman

              By the way, my health plan, which seems to cover everything very generously, doesn’t cover Silver Sneakers.

  2. Jerry MacDaid

    Probably overrun by all the Silver Sneaker members whose reimbursement from Healthways was insufficient to cover the relevant cost of operations so they couldn’t afford to stay open. 😉

  3. Lots of other gyms, but not the Westport Y: Silver Sneakers members not welcome. An exercise in futility in dealing with the Y which so many seniors have supported for so many years.

  4. Nancy Wilson

    If anyone that was a member of NYSC is interested in doing at home workouts, I am happy to assist you towards reaching your goals with nutrition and fitness. Please feel free to reach out to me at Thanks, Nancy Wilson

  5. It’s a shame, while there are other gyms around, that one was the closest by far to me. I live in Weston near Easton, and it seems I will now have to go to Wilton or Ridgefield, or maybe Black Rock. I also liked NYC Westport for its small size and the fact it was never too busy like some of the big chains get. Oh well, maybe something else will open up in it’s place.

  6. Catherine Burnett

    Sad to hear about NYSC. I enjoyed many of the Manhattan locations as well as Westport on the weekends. For those who are considering The Edge fitness centers, do your research regarding their billing practices. There are a lot of complaints. I choose to pay upfront annually in cash.

  7. Anytime Fitness at 295 Westport Ave , Norwalk , welcomes all NYSC members. The Silver Sneaker program is also offered at our location. Please join us at our Open House on Wednesday July 6 and Thursday July 7 from 10-7 to check out our great facility.

  8. But no Silver Sneakers at the Westpory Y right in our own back yard with a membership of 8000 allowed and tens of millions dollars in its coffers. Is it greed, entitlement, or just that the Y is a business and senior residents are just bad business?

  9. That’s 2 downtown gyms gone–the Y and NYSC.

    NYSC was a nice little facility, and close to everywhere.