jUNe Day Busts Out

For the 51st summer, Westport welcomed United Nations diplomats, staff members and their families. Our jUNe Day guests enjoyed soccer, swimming, tennis, and visits to spots like Earthplace and downtown.

Every year on jUNe Day, flags of visitors’ nations replace the American flags on the Post Road’s Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge.

So who was Ruth Steinkraus Cohen?

The founder and — for many years — guiding spirit behind the annual event.

There could be no better tribute — and no finer day for our guests.

(PhotoCharlie Colasurdo)

(PhotoCharlie Colasurdo)

9 responses to “jUNe Day Busts Out

  1. Susan Iseman

    what a fabulous sight- I wish we could have these flags permanently- sends such a positive, much needed message!

  2. Ruth Steinkraus was a world-class pianist who never needed
    or wanted a career in the concert biz. glad i had the chance to
    hear her and play with her when i was younger.
    speaking of fine pianists, anyone remember Urana Clarke ?

  3. Peter Barlow

    Buell mentions Urana Clarke. In addition to being a fine pianist, Urana was an early activist dedicated to improving Saugatuck when that area was run down and disparaged by Westporters uptown. Urana ran for first selectman, expecting the citizens of Saugatuck to help her help them. But she didn’t get enough support, became discouraged and moved away. She was also a great sailor, owned a Rhodes sloop at Compo. Dan, if you ever do a feature story about Urana Clarke, I have a good portrait photo of her.

  4. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Ruth Steinkraus Cohen was truly an amazing person. I heard her play the piano once. She hosted the Von Trapp family in her home and they gave a concert for the guests. I wish I could remember the year. My grandmother took me to hear them. I believe it was before they settled permanently in Vermont. Dan have you ever done a piece on Ruth?
    Thanks for this post.

    • I’ve mentioned her before, and did something on her in the Westport News many years ago. Thanks for the great idea, Mary!

  5. K.G. Johnson

    Great photo: elegantly composed, crisp and clear!

  6. Robin Weinberg

    Beautiful Shot, Charlie!!!

  7. Hanne Jeppesen

    Love to see the flags, interesting the flags featured are from Iceland and Norway, Icelandic Blue, red and white, the Norwegian the reverse, I’m from Denmark (I think the Danish flag is behind the Norwegian, it is the only other Scandinavian flag that is red, red and white to be exact. I lived in Westport as an au pair in the late sixties, the year before I came to the US, I lived in Iceland for several months.