Fashionable Summer Wear

As Westporters try to figure out hot trends for this summer, we should look back too.

Longshore - Anne Peacock 1936

Eighty years ago — on June 1, 1936 — Westport’s “Miss Anne Peacock” strutted this look.

The photo caption describes her “suit with red and white halter neck, water proof woven beach bag, red and white practical and comfortable sock-beach shoes, and a natural straw coolie hat.”

The shot was taken at “the fashionable Longshore Club in Westport, Conn.”

(Hat tip: Seth Schachter)


6 responses to “Fashionable Summer Wear

  1. Morley Boyd

    Wonderful image; thank you Seth! I love the caption. From now on, if you’re feeling low, add the word “fashionable” to a sentence and just like that you’ll feel better. Also, the abbreviation “Conn” is much nicer than today’s underwhelming “CT”. I use Conn just to kick it old school, but outside of the Wall Street Journal, you just don’t see this much.

    • Seth Schachter

      Your welcome- Thanks! Yes- I agree, love the image! ‘Conn’ does look better than ‘CT’ too.

  2. Thanks Dan + Seth! Pumped to see Westport’s fashion history so well-documented! Look forward to joining the ranks in August. Perhaps another outdoor fashion show should be arranged?! — Laura Maged, Founder @West2Westport

  3. Jack Harder

    Anybody have any thoughts on where this would have been taken at Longshore? Obviously the land changes from storms and activity but I can’t place where there would have been a sand beach with a view of what looks like Cockenoe..

    • Lisa Newman

      I could be way off on this, but I was thinking this was actually at Compo and not what we think of as Longshore today. To the right of what you think may be Cockenoe is blurry but could be Saugatuck Island/Shores. Which would make this angle sensible if taken from the cannon area of Compo. If this was taken at Longshore we know today, we’d see almost entirely land across the water (which was already being developed into the beach cottages in Saugatuck Shores in the 1930s).