Happy 100th, Margaret Barnett!

Today is Margaret Barnett’s birthday. She’s 100 years young.

Margaret and her husband Roy — a pathologist — arrived in Westport in 1954. They wanted a bigger house than the one in Norwalk, for their growing family.

The couple raised 3 children — John, Edith and Teddy — here. Margaret was very active in the Norwalk Symphony, Earthplace and the Democratic Women of Westport.

She played tennis — quite well — through her 70s.

Happy birthday, to a woman who has given this town so much, for so many years!

Margaret Barnett, at her 95th birthday.

Margaret Barnett, at her 95th birthday.

12 responses to “Happy 100th, Margaret Barnett!

  1. Awesome! Happy Birthday! Free bike ride if you’re up for it, Margaret.

  2. One of the best woman I know. And I know fabulous women. What I think is special about Margaret is her love and generosity. She also has a wonderful sense of correct values and morality. We all know about her love of great music. But she always accompanies me when I go to rock concerts. Very open minded.
    happy birthday, Margaret. We love you!

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    Once, when I was at the Library and I pushed the automatic door-opening button, Margaret admonished me to use my arm, not the button. “It’s good exercise!” Congratulations to a long-time friend of the Library.

  4. Mary Maynard

    Oh, yes, Margaret! Happy Birthday! Tennis with you was graceful, full of guile and fun.

    I love seeing you at “does” around town — your smile is so bright. Mary Maynard

  5. Dorothy Abrams

    I think of music, the beach, and your tablecloth.
    Have a wonderful day and as many more as you want.

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Oh, my — I’d never guess it! Happy birthday to an amazing woman!

  7. Bob Fatherley

    Dear Margaret, Sad that I do not know you but I celebrate your life and all
    that you have shared with our community and your friends. You do not look
    your age and that may be because you have led a happy and fulfilling life.
    Long may you continue to thrive and be a part of the fabric of our community.

    Julie Fatherley

  8. John Brandt

    Happy birthday. Here’s a musical present, the link to the first annual Westport Pops Concert at the Levitt Pavilion. It was a blast. Enjoy!

  9. Roberta Tager

    Delighted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!🍀😊💥💥💕

  10. Special Happy Birthday wishes to you, Margaret!!! A terrific milestone for a wonderful friend. Pat Farmer

  11. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Happy Birthday. You do not know me Margaret however, you may have known my grandmother, Ella Otis, who was also active with the Norwalk Symphony. So, Happy Birthday and many more to come.

  12. Cathy Barnett

    Dan, thanks for the warm tribute to John’s mom on her 100th birthday yesterday. I would like to add that Margaret was an avid gardener, birdwatcher, swimmer and seasoned traveler. She and Roy made trips overseas where he had medical conferences. Margaret was also a writer whose articles appeared in local magazines. I remember when she interviewed Morgan Kaolian the pilot who did traffic reports in his plane for WICC radio. He took her up in his small plane and she raved about her experience. She was so enthusiastic about everything, I’m sure she has many good memories!