So In Addition To Not Really Caring About The Parking Stripes…

…this very entitled Jaguar owner can’t even be bothered to pull somewhat close to the curb.

(Photo/Jonathan Hochhauser)

(Photo/Jonathan Hochhauser)

Plus — like the almost-equally-bad Mercedes driver in the next stall — the Jag owner can’t be bothered to follow the law about front license plates.

Maybe they both knew an alert “06880” reader was ready with a camera.

Hey! No problem! There’s always plenty of room — and never an accident — in this parking lot by Gold’s!

27 responses to “So In Addition To Not Really Caring About The Parking Stripes…

  1. Both cars are without a front license plate Dan .. They could also be registered in another state , that don’t require a front plate . As for the parking issue … Thats in front of Golds Deli , where lots of their customers have Major Entitlement Issues !!!!!

    • I know. That’s why I wrote: “Plus — like the almost-equally-bad Mercedes driver in the next stall — the Jag owner can’t be bothered to follow the law about front license plates.”

  2. Give it a rest, Dan.

    • Your car, Jessica?

      • No, not my car. It’s just that you have so many more interesting things to write about, and you usually do. You’ve done these to death, and don’t seem to have made much progress reforming the town’s bad parking habits. Let it go already.

        • Nicole Klein

          I counter your “give it a rest” post with “keep them coming Dan!” People need to be called out for their obnoxious behavior and while Dan does post about numerous other AMAZING topics its A-OK to pepper in an “entitlement parking” post at any point in time 🙂 !

      • Elizabeth Thibault

        I think many of us thoroughly enjoy seeing these, so keep posting them. Are they going to bring about major change? Probably not. Might they inspire someone to try a little harder when parking? We can hope!

    • Never give it a rest, Dan. Jessica Bram can wag her finger elsewhere.

  3. These photos continue to be so irritating and filled with signs of entitlement and privilege. Gee, I hope ” nothing happens to their cars !”

  4. David Krasne

    I’m surprised Dan finds the lack of a front license plate more offensive than the comment that Golds Deli customers have “Major Entitlement Issues !!!!!”

    For the record it isn’t my car. I too, do not have a front license plate so feel free to turn me in to the Westport Police Department. Like the car on the left I don’t have a place to put it.

    Maybe I’m nuts but to me the issue isn’t Jews, nice cars, or even the lack of front license plates. To me it’s just classless to take up two spots with your car. Most drivers in the area are fairly conscientious of not dinging those around them regardless of car. If it’s a Bugatti Veyron or a McLaren I’ll cut him/her/it a little slack.

    • Sorry, David, but when I saw Gold’s Deli customers, I did not automatically think “Jews.” Everyone in Westport goes to Gold’s.

    • Sorry to offend you David . We eat at Golds quite often .. Sometimes I experience major Rudeness from others , while trying to place a order , or picking one up ….

    • Who the hell mentioned Jews, David Krasne???? Only you. WTF?

  5. Dan – Maybe they were afraid of driving through the store front windows?

  6. So I don’t see anyone harmed here, as there are plenty of empty spaces around. I guess it is the principle of the matter you object to?

    I also don’t see anyone explaining how this situation happened. Perhaps there was an elderly lady that parked badly before and caused the knock-on for the other two? Maybe a medical emergency required more room?

    I wonder if this “public shaming” for minor, and in this town, relatively common transgressions, is a good thing. It certainly can be thought of as a gateway to, or example, of the type of things that Whisper and Yik-Yak are banned in schools for.

    Judging, even for obvious missteps, is usually an unhelpful vibe in our world because it assumes a superiority which can easily (often?) train us to see the world as “us” vs. “them”. – Chris Woods

  7. Dorothy Abrams

    Why is David Krasne mentioning Jews? Never beyond that?

    • David Krasne

      First, I apologize to the earlier commenter. I clearly had a short-fuse and misunderstood the comment.

      To explain my earlier reaction: In a town where many people have entitlement issues, I get upset when people single out Gold’s Deli as a source of lots of customers with major entitlement Issues. Gold’s isn’t the only location in Westport where such inconsiderate parking behavior with has occurred.

    • Hello, beloved Dorothy! That was the one comment that jumped out at me also. Charming, no? I hope you’re enjoying summer in your new, non-Westport locale and that there’s a lot less “entitlement” shown there! Love you!

  8. Daniel Katz

    For them that gives a damn: there are a few cars, that year Jag and Mercedes, the ’96 & 7 Mustang and others that simply were not designed in front to receive a plate without major screw up of plastic bumber cover and the looks of the car…..those of us with such thoughtlessly designed vehicles, carry the second plate in the trunk…cops are most understanding in such situations.
    As to David Krasne’s first comment, he made an honest mistake and his last comment more than demonstrates that.

  9. Alex Kuhner

    There’s another major aspect of this parking problem we never talk about – business continue to insist on painting some standard size spot that is too small for the cars we drive and the precision we drive them with. If one SUV is 5 inches off it throws the whole row off. And why should you have to risk your Jag or Merc getting dinged so the lot owner could fit one more spot in the lot?

    Not defending these drivers… You still have to try to do it right!

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I think they do it, because there is a certain amount of parking spots required for every sq ft of retail space. They’ll find a way to get those spots, one way or another, to maximize rentable space.

  10. as former jaguar driver while in CT I can say that there is something about the front bumper of jaguars, i.e., they have like something beneath the front bumper that if you go up too close to the curb actually gets stuck on the curb. no other car has that, i.e., not BMW and certainly not SUVs, but the Jaguar definitely has that – as far as CT curbs go – defect so they may be avoiding that happening again. it was nearly $1k repair each time I did it until I started parking away from curb too.

  11. Yes, the parking jobs are awful and it’s irritating when I come upon parking like this especially in a small parking lot. Most dealers in CT will give you the option of having or not having a front plate. Apparently a good percentage of people choose not to have one. I don’t have one on my car, but do on my truck. A friend of mine who bought a Mercedes recently never got one with his either. I do, however put one in the front window.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Front plates are not up to the dealer – it’s the law in Connecticut to have both a front and a rear plate.

  12. i have an issue with cars in the CVS/trader joe’s lots who idle their cars. idling is selfish and not legal. it is noisy and emits carbon dioxide emissions.

  13. Mary Palmieri Gai

    It’s not my car but could be my parking job. The first time I went back to my car after parking this way I thought, “who moved my car?” I can’t figure it out why this is happening other than a weird sight line in my car that alters my depth perception. But now I have a self checking method with the cameras under the fenders that help me check if I am within the lines. After I park, I put it reverse while my foot is on the break and then adjust until it’s perfect. When these cameras are the norm..boom…no more parking issues for anyone.