Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #76

Most “06880” photo challenges show familiar scenes of Westport — ones that have been around a while, so even ex-pats have a chance.

Not so last Sunday.

If you haven’t been here a while, you wouldn’t recognize the “new” Levitt Pavilion. Opened 2 years ago (at a cost of $9 million), it’s a handsome upgrade from the original, 40-year-old version.

Last week’s photo challenge showed one of the lamps above the concession stand. Yes, they sell food there now too — it’s really become a legit entertainment venue.

Steven Alter answered correctly, just 4 minutes after the image was posted. Kathleen Burke and Beth Orlan Berkowitz followed soon after. Congrats to all 3. (To see last week’s photo challenge, click here.)

Now we’re back to photos that even former residents should — well, can — recognize. If you think you know this one, click “Comments.” Then add whatever info about it you know.

Oh My 06880 - June 12, 2016

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


15 responses to “Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #76

  1. Rebecca Wolin

    The water tank on north ave across from staples hs

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    No idea. But the new summer Compo imprint photo above is terrific.
    p.s. so sorry to hear about the tragedy in Florida.

  3. Edward Bloch

    That’s my take too.

  4. Madison Malin

    it kinda looks like the top of the swim locker rooms at longshore…

  5. The tanks across from the entrance of Staples (they are surrounded by evergreens).

  6. yes, it certainly looks like the water tanks across from Staples, but the bigger question is, “What is going on over there?” That spot seems like a bit of a mystery and the new construction going on is just as confusing.

  7. Carl Volckmann

    The Aquarionnwater tanks across from Staples.

  8. This was an easy one. Yes, they’re the water tanks across from Staples. No one has really noticed them until now, when — as Ed Paul notes — there is some “mystery” work going on.

    • Matt Murray

      I’ve always noticed them, even in the sixties as my family drove by. The first set of evergreens were planted then. Now they’re on round two.

  9. I knew instantly it was the water structure across from Staples. I have wondered for some time now what is going on on that site.The work is being kept hidden, for some reason. Does anyone know what’s happening?

  10. Marc Sholes

    The Nike site?

  11. Susan Huppi

    I was thinking the Nike site too…would love to know!

  12. Scott Brodie

    This is the water tank on the Bridgeport Hydraulic property across North Avenue from the entrance to Staples HS. Despite repeated official warnings that we were not to do so, I frequently crossed this property, and the property of the indulgent family on the other side walking on my between Staples and Burr Farms Road. The prospect of walking the long way ’round up North Avenue to the entrance to Terhune Drive was simply intolerable!

  13. Bob Weingarten

    I’ve driven on North Avenue for over ten years and never saw this water tank. So when I saw it a few weeks ago I stopped, took a photo and sent it to Dan. He knew right away what it was and now I know what it is…