Movin’ On Up!

It’s one of Staples’ best — and most underrated — programs.

The Child Study class is an actual, legit play school. Students not only study child development — they put the theory they learn into practice.

Led by Linda McClary, the teenagers plan age-appropriate lessons and games. Over the year, they watch a dozen 3- and 4-year-olds grow. And — because they’re only a decade or so older — they understand and bond beautifully with the pre-schoolers.

Two proud pre-schoolers, with a Staples student, at today's moving-up ceremony.

Two proud pre-schoolers, with a Staples student, at today’s moving-up ceremony.

Today was the “moving up” ceremony. Staples musicians played; a slide show offered highlights of the year; snacks were served.

And of course, photos were snapped.

Pre-school grad 2

The pre-school has been in operation since the 1970s. That’s long enough for their own kids to attend — and their kids’ kids too!

So congratulations to this year’s pre-schoolers. We look forward to seeing you as proud parents of your own toddlers, sometime around the year 2046.

2 responses to “Movin’ On Up!

  1. Dorrie Barlow Thomas SHS'86

    That class was one of my all-time favorites at Staples! Thirty years ago it was led by the magnificent Marcia Brooker. She taught us all some of the most important things one needs to know in life…there should definitely be more real-life, life-skills classes like this.

  2. My youngest child, Stephen, did this program. I absolutely loved it…. And more importantly, he did too! He graduated from Staples twice…in classes of 2002 and 2015!!

    Westport truly is a unique place. I am so privileged to have both grown up and raised my kids here and have all of the great programs at my disposal.