Fresh Market Gets In Touch With The Times

Take that, kids!

Fresh Market

6 responses to “Fresh Market Gets In Touch With The Times

  1. Both Smoking and Vaping have me worried. Vaping will be that thing that we find out will have made people very sick… and everyone will deny it for years.. and .. and..

    Try breathing in fresh air, people!!

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    ‘Cough, cough’… This sign is in a parking lot? Heck, get in touch with the times, indeed! Smoke-free zones now include parks and beaches. Can’t think of a restaurant that allows smoking anymore…
    The E-cig craze is equally dangerous — wouldn’t want to be beside a smoker when the battery blows up!

    Oh well. To each his/her own… We all have our own vices. Admit it.

    • Brian Faucher

      “when the battery blows up” really?! I’m no fan of smoking or vaping or anything like that, but… have there been widespread instances of the batteries blowing up? I would think the batteries are just as safe as those in a laptop, or phone, or anything else.

      I found a story about one exploding while it was in someone’s pocket, because he took out the battery, and it was in his pocket with some loose change that touched the positive and negative terminals, shorted out, and started a fire.

      Genuinely curious if this is a real issue with them blowing up while people are using them?

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Just google e cig battery explosions. Apparently it’s rare, but can happen due to user error or poorly designed devices… one horrible story involves an e cig exploding in a young man’s mouth (not a pretty picture!).
        Anyway, I am glad that I don’t smoke ANYTHING, and avoid people who do…
        (although I had to grow up with plenty of second-hand smoke from family members!)

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    … then again, if you’re Leo DiCaprio you can smoke anything where you damn well please.

  4. Steve Stein

    Doesn’t matter if it is regular or e cigarettes- both are bad for you!!

    There is a very short two word story about many who choose to smoke!! Coughin’ ! Coffin !

    Just saying- it is a free country and now you get to pick your poison!