Sam Goldblat’s Very Fishy Fundraiser

Sam Goldblat is 12 years old. A while back, the young Westporter heard about the Adam J. Lewis Preschool. Like all who learn of it, he was impressed by the great work done by the Bridgeport institution named for a 9/11 victim, and nurtured by a board that includes many Westport residents.

He wondered if the school wanted a fish tank. He thought 3- and 4-year-olds would love to see and learn about fish (and be calmed down by them, if kids were stressed or angry).

When the school said yes, Sam wanted to get the largest size he could afford. He described different types of tanks to the Adam J. Lewis staff, based on his own volunteer work at Westport Aquarium. He said he’d be happy to help take care of the tank too, on his own.

Sam Goldblat, volunteering at Westport Aquarium.

Sam Goldblat, volunteering at Westport Aquarium.

Sam’s next step was to organize a fundraiser, so he could buy the tank. He did that too.

So this Sunday (June 12, 5:30 to 8 p.m.), Sports Center of CT in Shelton hosts an evening of golf, mini-golf, fun bowl, batting cages and lazer tag. The cost is just $20 per person (which includes 4 free tokens to the Game Zone).

Sam will add his own savings to Sunday’s proceeds.

Some very happy Adam J. Lewis preschoolers.

Some very happy Adam J. Lewis preschoolers.

“I will also do other fundraisers if needed until I reach my goal,” Sam wrote to the Adam J. Lewis Preschool. If he exceeds the cost of the tank, extra funds will be given to the school.

“I promise I will do this. You can count on me.”

He concluded his letter to them: “Thank you for this great opportunity! I’m really excited!”

(Tickets, at $20 each, can be ordered by mail. Make payable to Becca Goldblat, and send to 3 Pilgrim Trail, Westport, CT 06880. Donations accepted too! For more info, email

Adam J Lewis fundraiser

3 responses to “Sam Goldblat’s Very Fishy Fundraiser

  1. Holly Wheeler

    High praise for you, Sam! Those are lucky kids at the Adam J. Lewis Preschool. (What’s in the water in Westport?)

  2. We were so thrilled and honored that Sam choose our preschool to benefit from his generosity.
    We think it’s very important for children to understand the significance of giving back at an early age. Hopefully it will become something they continue to do for the rest of their lives – something you do because it benefits someone else, but also because it just feels good to give to others.
    We thought it was wonderful that Sam wanted to donate a fish tank – something that he has discovered makes him feel more calm, relaxed, less anxious. He wanted to pass along this feeling to students who might not have experienced this calming effect.
    We think he’s right – our students will love this gift. They will have the opportunity to learn about fish up close and personal as well as experience its smoothing qualities.
    How did we get so lucky?