Wheels: The 2nd Round

Alert “06880” reader Alan Phillips was driving on the Post Road today. He decided to fill up at the Wheels station. That’s the station that got rapped by another reader this week, when the price on her pump did not match the amount for the gallons pumped. Alan says:

I am happy to report that my purchase calculated precisely to their posted price.

I spoke to a regional manager who was on premises. He said the discrepancy revealed in “06880” was a clerical sign-changing error for that pump, not a short-changing of a customer. The state has validated that the pump is calculating precisely.

It seems the attendant never changed the super rate on that pump at the last rate change to $2.87 9/10. The attendant had left it at $2.81 9/10.

Note that 3.743 gallons times $2.87 9/10 is $10 (actually 9.9998767, but who’s counting?).

Thanks, Alan, for the explanation. It should be noted that Mary Ann West — who reported the discrepancy — insists that she “very purposefully” hit the regular ($2.43 9/10) button, not the super one.

Mary Ann West's pump prices (top); Alan Phillips' photo today.

Mary Ann West’s pump prices (top); Alan Phillips’ photo today.

3 responses to “Wheels: The 2nd Round

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Mistakes happen. Bigger fish to fry.

  2. §Much ado about U know whut. BTW: America was better off when gas was “peaking” near $5 per gallon. Think about it. s/ NePjr

  3. Good to Know, I wasn’t going there and about checking all of my fills! Thanks!