Staples Stock Market: As Easy As ABC

If Greg Preiser grew up in Texas, perhaps he’d be interested in cattle, oil or guns.

But he grew up in Westport, so he’s long been intrigued by the stock market.

The Staples High School junior founded a club, the ABCs of the Stock Market. Members learn about investing by trading hypothetical portfolios, and listening to guest lecturers.

Yet they want to do more than just make make-believe money. Their goal is to donate real funds to a worthy organization. And what better group than another one with ABC in its name: A Better Chance of Westport.

For over a decade, that ABC has brought outstanding, highly motivated minority teenagers to Westport. They live in Glendarcy House on North Avenue, and have made their mark in many areas of Staples: academics, arts, athletics and activities.

This year's ABC house scholars.

This year’s ABC house scholars.

For the past 2 years, ABC Stock Market members have used a trading app to build up their virtual portfolios. They’ve asked friends and family members for pledges based on their virtual profits — up to $100 per sponsor. An anonymous donor agreed to match every donation.

This is no nickel-and-dime operation. Last year, the ABC Stock Market club presented a check for $6,100 to the ABC program. This year, they’ve raised over $12,000.

But Preiser did not stop there.

Last month — to raise awareness of A Better Chance at Staples and throughout Westport — ABC House asked him to organize a teen board of high school students. They sold bracelets with the Staples and ABC logos, and a cell phone accessory with the Staples logo.

But wait! There’s more! 

A 3-on-3 basketball tournament — “May Madness” — drew 22 teams. And raised another $1,000.

Greg Preiser

Greg Preiser (right) with (from left) Christopher Morales, Jacob Bonn, David Li, Andrew Ingber, Thomas Jones, ABC fundraising chair Lori Sochol, Ryan Angerthal, Dylan Dreyfuss and Jarod Ferguson at the “May Madness” tournament. Ingber, Angerthal and Dreyfuss won the event.

Picking stocks is not easy.

Picking an organization to cheer for is. The 2 at the top of my list right now: ABC of Westport, and the ABCs of the Stock Market Club.

(A Better Chance of Westport teen committee members include Gregory Preiser, Jacob Bonn, Lindsay Felner, Sydney Kaplan, Carly Chaskin and Justin Pecoriello.)

4 responses to “Staples Stock Market: As Easy As ABC

  1. Nancy Yates

    Kudos to these wonderful young men – of both ABCs. The stock market group have put their developing skills to work in the service of another terrific group – the ABC (A Better Chance) scholars. Those scholars have, as Dan points out, enhanced the Westport community while developing their own potential. You can follow the lead of the stock market group by serving as a host parent for a scholar. With three new scholars joining us for the new school year, there are lots of opportunities to share your family (on weekends) with some pretty remarkable young men. Interested? Shoot me an email at

  2. Alex Freedman

    I know how happy it makes Greg to raise this money. Congrats to everyone involved!

  3. Nancy Yates

    I should have started my comment with kudos to wonderful young “people” – rather than “men.” Certainly don’t want to slight the terrific young women who are part of the group!

  4. David Squires

    Good Story, Great Kid, must have Wonderful Parents!