Helping Peter Pastorelli

Peter Pastorelli is a longtime, well-known, much-loved Westport character.

He was a movie and TV location and production manager forever. His credits include “American Psycho,” “Fame,” “Midnight Run” and many more.

He’s got countless stories about actors, directors, musicians, and everyone else in Hollywood.

Plus, he hosted some of the most interesting and eclectic parties I’ve ever been to.

Over a year and a half ago, Peter was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. He’s undergone chemo and radiation, but the treatments are no longer effective.

Peter Pastorelli (3rd from left), and his family.

Peter Pastorelli (3rd from left), and his family.

Until a few months ago, he managed his own care. But extreme fatigue and weakness have caught up to him. He stayed at home as long as possible. Now he needs full-time care.

Peter has chosen the Regional Hospice & Home Care Center in Danbury, so he can be close to his family. But to be admitted within a week, he needs financial assistance.

Peter’s family set up a GoFundMe site to help raise money.

“Peter has been a tremendous friend to so many,” the page says. “His wit, humor and intelligence are defining characteristics of this incredibly generous man.

“We would greatly appreciate any donation that is given to assist Peter. With deep gratitude, we thank all those for their kindness and contributions.”

(Click here to contribute to Peter Pastorelli’s GoFundMe page.)

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