Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #74

It took Andy Kaplan exactly 1 minute to figure out where last Sunday’s photo challenge was — and to email the correct answer.

The lovely lemon trees (Meyer lemons, as several alert “06880” readers noted) are located at Bill Gault’s famous red barn, on South Compo. In the winter, the trees are inside. When the weather turns warm, they’re moved outdoors for everyone to enjoy.

Aimee Borys, Martha Witte and Dorothy Fincher all also knew what Joyce Joiner’s photo showed. Click here to see that fine shot again.

I’d be surprised if anyone identifies this week’s photo in 1 minute. Seth Schachter has found a spot that few Westporters know exist — though it’s hidden in plain sight.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

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16 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #74

  1. JP Vellotti

    Mill pond tunnel

  2. Richard Stein

    I believe that’s the Bridgewater way back over by Parker Harding Plaza

  3. Elizabeth Menke

    This is that tunnel connecting Main Street and the parking lot behind the shops during a flood.

  4. Harry Smiley

    Runs under Post Rd West to Nash’s pond. Runs along kings highway school.

  5. Richard is correct. And I think Elizabeth is too, though I’m not sure exactly where she means!

  6. Linda Franco Doyle

    Saugatuck River under the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial Bridge (where all the American Flags fly ???

  7. Nicholas Eisenberger

    Dan – Is this under the Sherwood island Connector bridge over 95?

  8. It’s the often-overlooked bridge near Gorham Island, at the back of Parker Harding Plaza. No one (except Richard and Elizabeth, above) know it’s there!

    • Evan Stein

      I think this is all Rich. I think Elizabeth was guessing that it was the flooded thruway by Acqua that now has Miggs’ artwork.

  9. Stacieace@gmail.com

    This is under the train tracks from Sasco to Southport beach – can only get this view by canoe or kayak!

  10. James Weisz

    Stineycreek viaduct under SYLVAN round south?

  11. Claire Faucher

    from old mill pond to burying hill beach you can kayak through here, but be careful of the tides!

  12. Marty Bell

    Tunnel under train tracks.

  13. There once was a tunnel in the stone wall from the east side of the Saugatuck river just south of the Post Road bridge that came up through a trap door in the pharmacy section in the old Thompson’s drug store (Tiffany’s). We were always wondering why it had been built. Speakeasy? Drainage? Slaves? Deliveries? All I know is sometime in the 70’s someone used it to steal drugs from the pharmacy. I assume it was closed up after that.