Climate Change Comes To Town

Global warming deniers, take note:

This is at the nursery extension across from the new Garelick & Herbs building, on the Post Road at the Southport town line:

(Photo/Catherine Davis)

(Photo/Catherine Davis)

Yes, those are palm trees.

No, they’re not the indoor variety.

Catherine Davis — who spotted the tropical plants — wonders: “Are our winters that much warmer now? Or is Westport into disposable trees — use one summer, then toss?”

3 responses to “Climate Change Comes To Town

  1. Jerry MacDaid

    I saw those palm trees being delivered the same day the new trees were being planted. Thought maybe that was where they were headed.

  2. I have no idea if those trees qualify but there are cold hardy palms that can survive subzero weather.

  3. My first impression when I saw them a few days ago was “disposable pool decor”