Tommy Greenwald’s Malady

Nearly everyone in Westport knows Tommy Greenwald. The 1979 Staples High School grad co-founded Spotco, the New York agency specializing in Broadway and entertainment advertising. (You may have heard of one of their clients — a little show called “Hamilton.”)

He’s also the author of the “Charlie Joe Jackson young adult book series. The names come from his 3 sons. If you think Tommy (and his wife, fellow Westport native Cathy Utz) are proud parents, you’re absolutely right.

All 3 kids are already out of Staples. The oldest — Charlie — just graduated from Emerson College.

But they’re all back home. Which leads us to Tommy’s guest post on “06880” today…

Tommy Greenwald

Tommy Greenwald

Most people are well aware of Empty Nest Syndrome, those feelings of melancholy and nostalgia that parents experience when their last child goes off to college or moves away.

Much less frequently examined is Full Nest Syndrome, when the kids return en masse to turn your newly peaceful life upside down.

This affliction is more common than you might think, and scientists are finally learning more about it. For those suffering from Full Nest Syndrome, it’s important to remember: You are not alone.

Here are some symptoms most commonly associated with FNS:

  1. Your head pounds from all the deafening hip hop music in the house.
  2. Your back hurts from picking up all the dirty clothes.
  3. Your blood pressure rises from seeing all the empty cartons in the fridge.
  4. Your throat is sore from arguing about who gets the car.
  5. Your energy is low from being woken up at 2 a.m. by slamming doors, loud voices, video games or beer pong (take your pick).
  6. Your heart is full from having all the kids home again — if only for a little while.
Charlie, Jack and Joe Greenwald, settled back at home.

Charlie, Jack and Joe Greenwald, settled back at home.


8 responses to “Tommy Greenwald’s Malady

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    So wonderfully cool for them all. Lucky family.

  2. Susan Iseman

    Such fun- enjoy!

  3. Jean Whitehead

    Those smiles! Powerful.

  4. Nancy Vener

    I do believe Cathys mom, Rose, over the years has experienced this syndrome.

  5. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Oh my gosh, so true! I’m stealing this, Tom, even if it’s for only one returning nester. All of it still applies!

  6. From the town that lured you in with Billions, redefined what it means to be an American Housewife, get ready to experience what life in Westport is really like with… The Greenwalds. Now if we can just find someone to turn that into an ad campaign…