Happy National EMS Week!

Alert “06880” readers know that this is National Police Week. On Thursday, I gave a heartfelt shout-out to all our Westport cops.

Turns out it’s also National EMS Week.

Who knew?

This year’s theme is “EMS Strong: Called to Care.” Westport’s Emergency Medical Service does exactly that — nearly 2,500 times a year, in fact.

We’re lucky to have a fantastic group of emergency medical technicians and responders. Some are paid; others volunteer. But none do it for the money.

They may not hear it often enough. But they deserve a huge thank-you, for their dedication, expertise, efficiency, compassion and care.

I apologize for not getting to this earlier. But — in typical EMS fashion — the Westport crew was too busy working to toot their own (ambulance) horn.

EMS - ambulance exterior


5 responses to “Happy National EMS Week!

  1. Sandra Johnson

    YES, Westport has the best EMS!!! During my 35 years living in WP, I did call on the EMS 3 times –once for my mom when she was living with me, and twice for my husband during his last year. They are definitely terrific people – each and every one of them!! Nothing is too much – they also give “comfort” and make you feel and know that “all will be OK” They are all dedicated people and deserve our “THANKS” big time!!!

    So , to each and every one of you a great big THANKS!!

    Sandy Johnson (now living in New Orleans near my son, BUT my “spirit”
    is still in Westport!!!

  2. Linda Amos

    We are so lucky here to have our wonderful EMS crew in Westport. Many communities are not so fortunate as we are here. Thanks to each and every one of them!

  3. Loretta Hallock

    They are the best!!

  4. Amee Borys

    Thanks for all you do!!!

  5. Diane Cady

    Gratitude! We are blessed.