Subtracting Pet Supplies Plus

Area pets will soon have one less place to send their owners for chew toys, litter baskets, cages, tanks, and whatever else keeps dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles happy.

Pet Supplies Plus — a reasonably priced regional chain with friendly staff — is closing its Westport location, near Home Goods. They’ll be gone by June 1.

Shelves already look bare. An employee confirmed the news, adding that rising rents made staying tough.

Owners are looking at new locations in Fairfield.

Pet Supplies Plus


7 responses to “Subtracting Pet Supplies Plus

  1. Peter Blau

    No surprise. One more basic staple you won’t be able buy in Westport unless you’re willing to pay boutique prices.

  2. Helen Ranholm

    Another reason to shop outside of Westport. Sorry to see this store leave. Everyone was always so helpful especially when a pet needed something unusual. Hope the employee all have positions to go to.

  3. Peter Blau

    On a couple of occasions I compared Choice Pet Supplies prices with Pet Supplies Plus, and Choice Pet was 40% higher for identical items. Choice will march competitor’s price on request, but that’s akin to a butcher who only refrains from putting his finger on the scale when the customer is watching.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I’m thinking these other retailers have to charge these higher prices to pay the rent for their locations. That’s the only other option, if they don’t want to move. It certainly seems to be a trend we’ve seen over the last couple of years with several of the shopping plazas in town.

  4. Sharon Horowitz

    I too am very sad to see them go. They were so helpful, no matter the need and their prices were reasonable. The other pet stores’ prices are much higher for the same brand and product. It seems so many good stores are closing on that side of town. Their location was easy to access. I would rather drive into Fairfield than tackle the parking and traffic in the other shopping centers in Westport.

  5. Matthew Mandell

    Talking pets…….

    The Chamber of Commerce is running a dog festival on Sunday June 5 10-4pm on Winslow Park.

    There will be a bunch of pet stores and vendors there, so check out your replacement for pet supplies plus.

    The festivsl will have lots of demonstrations, competitions, vet seminars, an obstacle course and more….

    Go to

    See you there, bring your dog!

  6. I too am sorry to see them leave – very helpful and friendly staff plus good prices. I hope they relocate close-by in Fairfield, as I will still take my business to them.