Arrivederci, Bravo?

On a Saturday night when most restaurants in Westport are booked solid — believe me, I tried to get reservations at several — Bravo appears to be out of the running.

An alert “0688o” reader found the door locked, and this scene inside:


If the food was anything like I enjoyed when it first opened, that’s too bad.

If the service was anything like the last two times I was there, I’m  not surprised.

28 responses to “Arrivederci, Bravo?

  1. Joanne Heller

    It was open Friday night.

  2. Mitch Petrus

    The place was terrible

  3. Horrible service! Mediocre food

  4. You know, its just too bad that so many of the Westport eateries are upscale, Italian, Chinese, or something fusion. Too bad to get a normal anything, aside from the Little Barn, almost, you have to go to the diner. I’m no expert but I think when Bobby Q’s closed, that just about ended the casual, family, come-as-you-are type of restaurant…aside from the Diners. Am I missing something…I’d love to know…?

    • Jack Whittle

      Yes, you are missing Dunvilles, the Black Duck, Rizzutos . . .

      • The Black Duck: Absolutely; my bad. Dunville’s, well…okay. It definitely has it’s own charm. Rizzutos, we were there on Friday and do so frequently, but again, it’s Italian fusion-ish, i.e. fish tacos (very good BTW) and oyster bar…no kid’s menu…

        Black Duck is the closest cool, casual and come-as-you-are, unpretentious place around…can we come up with another? All ears.

        • LuAnn Giunta

          We like the the Little Kitchen. They’ve been a mainstay in town for many years. I find the Chinese/Korean style food to be of high quality & consistent. Food can be customized, as we’re quite particular, eating mostly vegetables and seafood. Great service, pricing, friendly.

      • Jack Whittle

        Westfair Fish and Chips

    • Jack Whittle

      Westport Pizzeria actually has more than just Pizza on their menu, and have beer and wine now too

    • Arlene Cohen

      For basic American AND delicious there are Tavern on Main, Spotted Horse and Parker Mansion. Well-priced food that matches the quality of the food you eat. (Black Duck is full of roaches!).

  5. Oh, and the Burger joints in town don’t really count, either…

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    At least you won’t starve.

  7. How about a nice deli that is open for dinner? Bring back Arnie’s Place!

  8. Michael Nayor

    Most of these comments miss the real issue. Bravo came into that shopping center, replacing Munson Chocolates. Some time later the landlord rented the former V space to Rio Bravo. Little Bravo was eclipsed by Rio. Bravo, a bigger and better known outfit. The landlord couldn’t have cared less. How can a small restaurant compete with a much larger one with a confusingly same name, right next door. Bravo was doomed from almost the beginning, thanks to a landlord with no sense and a hapless small restaurant that didn’t have the savvy to put an exclusive condition in its lease.

    • Bobbie Herman

      Bravo could have changed its name. Restaurants occasionally do. As for the landlord, if he cared, he wouldn’t have let V close. It was very popular, and the space was empty for over two years.

  9. Loretta S. Hallock

    For those who don’t mind driving a few miles down the road Norwalk has many family type restaurants. Partners in East Norwalk, Italia on Main Avenue and the Dry Dock, also on Main Avenue just reopened. Sedona and Colony pizza are both great. We do have a lot of choices all around us.

    • Jack Whittle

      Yes and the [insert Norwalk zip code] blog would be a great place to discuss those restaraunts : )

  10. Tracy Flood

    And I think Southport Brewing Co. Is underestimated.

    • Bobbie Herman

      There are many fine and/or casual restaurants in Fairfield, both on the Post Road and Black Rock Turnpike. However, I believe the comments were directed at the lack of restaurants in Westport. It seems that at least half of them are Itaiian. And, although I love Italian food, one does want variety. Than again, Bravo was Italian.

  11. Patti Brill

    We actually ate at Bravo Friday night. The place was full and we all commented that our meals were delicious. Very surprising that it is now closed. Hoping it isn’t true.

    • Is not true. They was working on the kitchen, some pluming stuff. Not sure. Sunday was open.

  12. John Karrel

    Answered their phone just now …

  13. John Dodig

    We were there for dinner on Friday night and it took two hours from the time we sat down until the check arrived and we had NO dessert. The food was awful and there were only two men doing everything. No wonder they closed. We should have gone next door.

  14. Kempton Coady

    You jinxed Rosita and I as this evening when we tried to get into zoster is Romana for the first time it was full at 8:30 PM and took us 30 minutes to get in.😄