Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #69

Most readers thought last week’s photo challenge — a stone-spangled wall — was either the old Town Hall on the Post Road (next to Restoration Hardware).

Most readers were wrong.

Only Roger Wolfe knew that Peter Barlow’s intriguing image showed the gatepost on Spicer Road at Beechwood Lane. (Spicer runs behind Five Guys and Dunkin Donuts, connecting Park Lane and Hillspoint Road.)

Peter says there were originally 2 stone gateposts on Spicer, next to a brook. In the 1970s, the driveway was overgrown with weeds and foliage. Through the end of the century, the gateposts deteriorated further. One disappeared; the bowl on the top of the other was broken.

Recently however, neighbors saved and restored as much as possible. The gatepost was relocated to the corner of Beechwood and Spicer, where it stands as an obelisk.  (To see the photo, and relive history, click here.)

Perhaps this week’s photo — by John Hartwell — will be easier.

Perhaps not.

Either way, give it your best shot. Click “Comments” below.

(Photo/John Hartwell)

(Photo/John Hartwell)

13 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #69

  1. Photo Challenge #69: Steps from Imperial parking lot to Levitt Pavilion.

  2. Stairs at Luciano park

  3. The library

  4. Patricia Blaufuss

    Westport Woman’s Club stairway from parking lot

  5. Julie Whamond

    Stairs from the Imperial Avenue lot up to the Woman’s Club parking lot

  6. Patricia and Julie, you win! They are the stairs from the Imperial Avenue parking lot up to the Westport Woman’s Club. I guess there are lots of stairs in Westport that look alike!

  7. Diane Silfen

    My guess is parking lot to trail platform in Saugatuck. NY bound

  8. Elaine Marino

    Agree with Patricia and Julie that these are the stairs that lead from the Imperial Avenue parking lot to the Westport Women’s Club.

  9. Staircase from upper library parking to lower level by river

  10. I am a sustainer of the Westport Young Woman’s League and I have used those steps many times over the years. They are exiting the Women’s Club building to the lower level parking lot.

  11. Shirlee Gordon

    The steps are from the parking lot to the Westport Woman’s Club on Imperial Avenue.

  12. the stairwell form the upper library parking lot to the riverwalk’s stone dust path that runs behind the levitt?

  13. The stairway in the Exorcist?