Kevin Conroy: Batman Beats Superman

Kevin Conroy has had a great career.

After graduating from Staples High School in 1973, he earned a full scholarship to Juilliard’s drama division. He studied under John Houseman, and shared classes with Christopher Reeve.

Conroy toured nationally with “Deathtrap,” appeared on the soap opera “Another World,” played Laertes in the New York Shakespeare Festival, acted on Broadway, and was a regular on “Ohara” and “Tour of Duty.”

But the former Staples Player is best known as Batman.

Batman v SupermanFor over 20 years, Conroy has lent his “deeply charming, yet virile voice” to 9 TV series, 12 animated movies and 7 video games. No other actor has played Batman for so long, or been as closely identified with him.

So who better to weigh in on the great “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” debate than Conroy himself?

Naturally, he takes the side of the superhero many fans call “ordinary.”

Holy non-surprise, Batman!

In fact, Conroy calls Batman “extraordinary.” He explains:

He’s always had to rely on his wits. He’s always had to think his way out of things. He’s had to create devices, create machines, and he thinks on so many different levels….He can create his way out of things. And that’s power.

But don’t just read about it. Listen to Kevin Conroy talk about Batman — using (for once) his own voice.

4 responses to “Kevin Conroy: Batman Beats Superman

  1. Jack Goldenberg

    What a great story and video. I never knew someone from Staples, Kevin Conroy, was Batman. It was so cool to see the voice behind Batman and even better to hear his classic Batman Voice.

  2. And one of the nicest friends one could hope for!

  3. Fantastic. I was in the pit orchestra for Guys and Dolls (Staples ’73) & had the honor of watching Kevin performing as Sky Masterson. Genius.

    Jonathan Maddock

  4. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    So very cool. I remember him being very talented in high school. I clearly recall a scene from “The Time of Your Life” where he had to chew about three packs of gum at once. That would have been his sophmore year and he was hilarious. Thanks for continuing to entertain us, Kevin.