Beach By Drone

Staples High School freshman Ryan Felner lives near the beach. The other evening — the first nice one after a spell of bad weather — he launched his drone into the sky.

Click on photo to enlarge. (Photo/Ryan Felner)

Click on photo to enlarge. (Photo/Ryan Felner)

The result: an unfamiliar, bird’s-eye view of a very familiar scene.

And an opportunity to be grateful for all that we have.

7 responses to “Beach By Drone

  1. I love the photo and its unique perspective but I particularly like the being “grateful” part…

  2. I can see my grandmothers house & the home built on the lot I grew up on on Roosevelt Road. Yes, this is a gift!

  3. Peter Kelley

    Great photograph of Compo beach area, and camera-carrying drones have opened up incredibly new photographic possibilities. But I hope young Mr. Felner is aware of the new FAA model aircraft and drone operator registration and flight rules, including an altitude restriction of 400 feet. Unless his drone has an extremely wide angle lens, it appears that he’s violating the long-standing safety rule of a maximum 400 foot flying altitude. The new rules were recently promulgated due to numerous manned aircraft safety of flight incidents involving drones, not only near all classes of airports, but also in less restricted airspace. The new FAA rules are not without opposition, but in general they will have the effect of increased flight safety for all who use our airspace. Who among us doesn’t want to fly safely?

    • Hello Mr. Kelley,
      I am aware of the laws regarding drone flight, and I am registered with the FAA. With this, I do adhere to the regulations they have created. I’ve never flown above 400 ft, and this photo was taken at around 370-380ft if i can remember correctly. In addition, I have a safegaurd on my drone that stops me from flying higher than ~390 ft. With this, I feel confident that I’m not breaking any of the rules around drone flight.

      • Hi Ryan- great picture from your drone. I also wanted to complement you on the immediate and mature response to Mr Kelley’s note about safety regulations that must be adhered to for everyone’s safety.

      • Peter Kelley

        Hi Ryan– it’s just great that you are aware of the FAA regs, and not only follow them personally but also have set up the built-in software safeguards as backup in your craft to be able to fly safely and responsibly! I’m also a registered model aircraft pilot and urge all fellow hobbyists would to register and follow your example. Fair skies and safe landings!

  4. Please come to Burying Hill