Staples Orchestra Plays Boston Symphony Hall

Earlier this month, the Staples High School chamber orchestra took a field trip to Boston.

They enjoyed a master class with a Boston Symphony Orchestra bassist. They heard the BSO play.

Then they took to that historic stage — with its amazing sound — themselves.

Professional photographer (and Staples parent) Melani Lust accompanied the young musicians. Media instructor Jim Honeycutt took her wonderful images, adding music and comments from orchestra director Adele Valovich and several students. James Naughton recorded a prologue.

The result is a short but wonderful video journey, powerfully showing the magic of music.

Valovich says she has 3 roles as an educator: teach musical skills; instill love and respect for her material, and plant a seed for a lifetime love of the arts.

Watch the video below. See the smiles. Listen to the music.

The future of our arts is in good hands.

7 responses to “Staples Orchestra Plays Boston Symphony Hall

  1. Thomas Orofino

    beautiful Dan just beautiful. you are correct The future of our arts is in good hands.

  2. Bobbie Herman

    I never cease to be amazed at the programs offered by the Westport school system — especially theater, music and art. So many people have gone on to great careers after getting started in the schools. I wish my sons could have gone through the Westport schools. Even if they wouldn’t have pursued the arts as careers, the exposure would have benefitted them greatly.

    I’m sorry, though, that this film didn’t include the aetual performance.

  3. Lauren Schmidt

    Here’s a link to a portion of the masterclass, if anyone wants it. My mom filmed this piece.

  4. Chelsea Steinberg (SHS '12)

    So proud of the chamber orchestra I loved being apart of. What a fabulous experience to play at Symphony Hall, it’s a rich and resonant space that is welcoming for any orchestra player!
    Now that I am a music educator myself, I fully appreciate the love of music and performance that being in this program instilled in me. Congratulations to all the Westport music teachers including Adele Valovich who help make experiences like these happen. Your tireless work changes lives!