No One Here But Us Turkeys

Long before the Bankside Farmers founded Green’s Farms, there were turkeys.

They’re still here.

Alert “06880” reader Barbara Levy spotted 2 of them close by — very close — earlier today:

(Photo/Barbara Levy)

(Photo/Barbara Levy)

Sure, they’re strutting around. Thanksgiving is not till November.

Bunnies, however, are laying low.

10 responses to “No One Here But Us Turkeys

  1. Do they shoot bunnies in Westport?

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Never knew anyone served rabbit at Easter?!

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Actually, turkey is customarily served at Easter both in Canada and the U.K.

  4. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Nice photo!

  5. I haven’t seen many bunnies anywhere for a long time. Perhaps the pair of red shouldered hawks that soar the sky in my neighborhood are picking them up for their dinners. Or maybe the coyotes that howl every night of so are enjoying a rabbit meal. Jane Sherman

  6. I have noticed the same lack of bunnies in the Compo area, particularly after Sandy. Reasons probably abound but so much building is going on, their understory is disappearing. There are a lot of feral cats.