White Barn Demolition Delayed

The White Barn Theatre — the just-over-the-Norwalk-line stage that during its celebrated life used a Westport address — has at least one more act to go.

The owner of the 15-acre property — who hoped to build a 15-home luxury development on the wooded site — has pledged to delay demolition of the historic theater for at least 4 months.

That gives the Lucille Lortel and Waldo Mayo White Barn Foundation time to try to raise $5.2 million to purchase the property. Mayo is the great-grand-nephew of Lortel, the famed actor/producer who founded the avant-garde White Barn theater in 1947. It closed in 2002.

Westporters are following the drama closely. Some want to save a legendary structure. Others are concerned about the environmental and aesthetic impacts of a new housing development on the Westport border.

The White Barn Theatre, in earlier times.

The White Barn Theatre, in earlier times.

3 responses to “White Barn Demolition Delayed

  1. Someday there will be a tour through Westport and the guide will show all the places that are where something wonderful, historic and unique once stood.

    • Jerry MacDaid

      Yes. But of course, at some point there was a glacier where your house stands and before that, something the glacier probably destroyed.

      Bad, bad glacier for wiping it out, whatever it was. Bad, bad Holocene epoch for melting the glaciers. Bad, bad Native Americans for moving into unspoiled lands. Bad, bad pilgrims for overrunning the area driving out the Native Americans. Bad, bad original Westporters for cutting down all the trees and turning the place into farmland and displacing all of the lovely rocks from their fields. Bad, bad artists (and others) for moving in and despoiling the bucolic farmland with their studios and theatres. Bad, bad whomever who makes any changes to anything for any reason.

      Sorry, got carried away there…

  2. Any update on Kevin Spacey’s interest in the White Barn for theatre??