Slow Boat From China?

Earlier today, alert “06880” photographer Irene Penny spotted this craft moored off Harbor Road.

(Photo/Irene Penny)

(Photo/Irene Penny)

A neighbor said it was a friend’s “Chinese boat.”

That’s all Irene and I know.

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19 responses to “Slow Boat From China?

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Obviously it is a two masted schooner. Nothing Chinese about it.

  2. Kathi Sherman

    Pretty sure I saw this same boat yesterday on the Hudson River as I was driving south on the Henry Hudson Parkway In New York city.

  3. It was at 7th Street yesterday

  4. Peter Barlow

    I don’t know this boat. There are some carved dragons at the bow but the boat is not a Chinese lug or junk rig. She’s a conventional ketch rig. The hull might have been built in China – that’s not unusual. There was probably an intent here to give the boat a slightly “oriental” look.

  5. Not chinese… KETCH rigged (aft mast is shorter and in front of rudder post.. not a schooner).. some “traditional” design elements… wooden construction… I would guess built about 1970ish …

  6. Ernest Lorimer

    Didn’t quite see how it could work, but I see what looks like a pier is a float, and nun 18 in the background:,-73.3740645,3a,75y,5.83h,75.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sn9uygBMw-jrVOrQBvTubFA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Flying a US ensign, and looks like a rare display of the CT state ensign. Proper, too. A ketch.

  7. Peter Barlow

    Note also the Connecticut Sate Flag. This suggests the boat may be on a “goodwill mission” or something like that. Most boats do not fly state flags.

  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Ketch me if you can! Or, ketch-as-ketch-can!

    I still call it a schooner.

  9. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    I dunno, guys. Maybe the Chinese are thinking of putting a nuke base on Kokoene Island. Ya think?

  10. It’s been there before. The zodiak is on the little beach. I think the owner is a friend of someone living nearby.

  11. Michael Calise

    It’s headed for Maine

  12. Cathy Romano

    Mike you are correct. The boat is my daughter and son in-laws who live in Maine. Check out this link for more information

    Our grandson Claudio and ship mates Adam and Eli ,all from Maine, drove to Florida where the boat was docked, and then sailed to the Bahamas last September. They wanted to take a gap year adventure to the Bahamas. Now they are on their way back to Maine. They stopped in Westport Saturday night due to the generosity of the Boccanfuso Family, letting them dock at their mooring at Saugatuck Shores, to visit us (Cathy & Jerry Romano) grandmother and grandfather before heading up the coast to home to work for the summer and them off to college in September.
    So yes the boat was built in Hong Kong in 1968, and has been around the world a few times.
    Kathi and Paul, yes you did see this same boat Friday on the Hudson River.
    Yes Peter Barlow, this boat has been on a good will mission twice, and on Facebook too.
    Thanks for the comments.

  13. Hi a note from Christina Montano & Nielsen van Duijn, Claudio’s parents up in Maine. So excited that the boys are getting closer to home. They have had an amazing journey filled with much growth and adventure.
    Aliento was built in 1968 in Hong Kong. She is part of our summer voyaging program Heart Of The Storm; and will also be available for charter in Blue Hill this summer.
    Sending Love and prayers for a safe journey back into cold Maine waters. / credentials can be used.

  14. What a wonderful story! Funny thing is, years ago, my father knew a man who owned a Chinese Junk and moored it at Compo. He can’t remember the man’s name, just that he was British.

  15. Wow, everybody was correct!