He’s in China now.

But soon, you’ll see this guy all around Westport:


The Big Duck is coming here to promote Westport Sunrise Rotary‘s  Great Duck Race. The 8th annual event — which funds dozens of charities, around the corner and around the world — is set for June 4.

He’s 23 feet high, 15 feet wide and 15 feet long. He takes 15-20 minutes to be inflated (with an electric pump). When he’s full of air, he weighs 260 pounds.

He’s being shipped from Guangzhou, through the Panama Canal. He should be here in late April.

He’ll be unveiled to club members tomorrow morning. Starting in late April, he’ll pop up all around town.

Maybe even the Duck.

(For more information on the Big Duck, Westport Sunrise Rotary or the Great Duck Race, call Steve Violette at 203-451-3339 or Dennis Wong at 203-858-5828.)

8 responses to “Duck!

  1. Helium lifts 68 pounds per 1000 cubic feet. This duck is roughly 2500 cubic feet. Fill it with helium and it would lift 170 pounds. Net weight – 90 pounds. Much easier to lug around town.

  2. Dorrie (Barlow) Thomas

    So this big duck will be popping up all around town before the event, but he will be there for the race itself, too, right?!!
    I have been rather OBSSESSED with this huge duck since the first time I found his image on Google some years back. I am definitely planning a trip home to Westport to see this giant quack!

  3. Carl Volckmann

    We were in Guangzhou two years ago, and saw it there. Reminded us then of Westport’s annual Rotary event.

  4. Where, in the U.S., would Trump have had this guy made?

    • Jerry MacDaid

      I am by no means a Trump fan but I would imagine Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi or any number other other states by currently unemployed unskilled labor making at least minimum wage. Of course it might cost a bit more but as long as you’re cool with it coming from a factory in Guangzhou staffed with child labor making next to nothing while your fellow citizens in flyover country remain unemployed, keep up the snark.

      By the way, you might ask Bernie and Hillary, neither current big supporters of free trade, the same question.

      Also, after this comment, please don’t ever let me see you making any comments in support of increases in the minimum wage or a “living wage”.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Guangzhou and Shanghai are the last places you would find child labor.

  5. Peking Duck…Yum! Going to miss Bill Meyer and his duck hat and infectious enthusiasm… He could always get me to buy one more ticket than I wanted!

  6. Hmmmmmm; Jerry MacDaid,
    you totally missed my (prehaps obtuse) point.
    Certainly it could have been made here; I simply wished to allude to the fact that our Rotary could have had it made here easily but chose the cheaper route that gives Trumpers their due, which they do not deserve.
    As to the wage, an increase would be a good thing…sorry.