Harvest Is Here, But Mario’s Remains Too

Well, at least the sign on top of the building is still there.

Harvest and Mario's signs

5 responses to “Harvest Is Here, But Mario’s Remains Too

  1. Larry Perlstein

    what happened to it? It looks like it was vandalized? I took a pic not that long ago which I can’t find and it was intact. _______________________________Larry Perlstein10 Highwood Ln, Westport CT 06880(203) 210-5040

  2. Jonathan Wagner

    I agree with the previous comment-The sign was intact several weeks ago, I noticed as I stood at the train station several weeks ago.
    Why it would someone do this?

  3. Dorothy Abrams

    Even ‘tho I’m in “cow country” now, no hamberger compares to those at Mario’s.

  4. Wendy Cusick

    Possible Wind Damage?
    Something went airborne and smacked into the sign.
    It explains why I can’t see it when I’m coming southbound on Riverside Ave.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    That’s rather depressing to see. The sign could probably be classified as “vintage”, and might have been worth something to someone – at least sentimentally.

    Probably weather related damage – we had some crazy winds recently.

    Incidentally, the new “Harvest” signage doesn’t do a thing for me, design wise. Not an inviting facade.

    Sorry, but my guess is that this place won’t last long. Just a feeling.