Actually, Those Striped Blue Lines Mean NO Parking

And it’s not as if there weren’t enough open spots yesterday in the Westport Country Playhouse lot…

(Photo/Roger Wolfe and Lisa Pelletier Jones)

(Photo/Roger Wolfe and Lisa Pelletier Jones)

14 responses to “Actually, Those Striped Blue Lines Mean NO Parking

  1. Jill Turner Odice

    Duh…maybe they thought the stripes were for special people…

  2. Joanne Romano

    Perhaps they have a different meaning in NY…. Or feels rules don’t apply to his car?

  3. Michael Moore

    Looks like New York plates. Could that be the explanation?

  4. That takes a very special kind of driver. But we should expect no less in Westport, where “Traffic Lights are Merely Suggestions.”

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Congratulations to both Roger Wolfe and Lisa Pelletier Jones for your minutes of fame. Well done! Can’t wait for the next!

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    But in NY or with NY plates you CAN park there between the handicapped spots and not even need a handicap pass.

  7. Don’t be so quick to judge, Isn’t that the top of the elevator platform that takes the cars down to the underground garage?

  8. But it looks just like a parking space…

  9. Christine Barth

    A few weeks ago I approached a driver parked that same way by the post office. I reminded her to display her handicapped permit, or risk being fined. She snapped that she wasn’t parked in a handicapped spot. Technically true . . .

  10. Jack Whittle

    When parking in a manner as this car has done you are subject to being ticked for parking in or blocking a handicapped spot – the open area adjacent to where a handicap vehicle parks is necessary for reasonable access, such as unloading a wheelchair from a lift, and blocking this area renders the handicap spot useless for many users

  11. Adam Schwartz '75

    That stripped area is technically part of the parking space to the left. It’s one of two types of Handicapped Parking spaces. This one os for Vans that have side entrances for Wheelchairs and Ramps. Also, I saw a couple park in one of these spaces a few months ago at our Home Depot and they spoke little English. They said where they are from Blue is legal to park so this might also be a miscommunication based on other countries signage they use. Not saying it’s right or acceptable but just saying…. But then again New York can be seen as another country so maybe this is all just a huge misunderstanding?!?!

  12. These seemingly endless daily pictures seem to bring everybody such joy.
    Why not ensure that the picture is sent to the Police department ?
    Can they issue a ticket “after the fact” ? The proof certainly is there and can’t be denied if it is a violation.
    Better yet….call the cops ASAP and ask that they send a car over to investigate when a violation is spotted. Won’t that be better suited as a way to hopefully stop people from parking improperly ?
    And for all those sniping at NY plates as violators, we Westporters have tons of our own that couldn’t care less where we park , or constantly talk on the hand-held phone while driving, and many other infractions.