Truly “Parking Within The Stripes”

Spotted earlier today in Parker Harding Plaza:

(Photo/David Conneely)

(Photo/David Conneely)

6 responses to “Truly “Parking Within The Stripes”

  1. Belongs to an elderly bearded Hippie from Norwalk.

    • He is good friends with my wife. His name is Rich Glica, and he is an artist, musician and poet who hangs out in SONO.

  2. Anybody remember the old “zebra” Land Rover from Hackett Motorcars (was later the Old Saugatuck Post Office)?

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    That’s actually a very impressive paint job.

    Art-On-Wheels, creative vintage, IMHO.

    Fun and funky nod to the 1960’s.

  4. Jamie Walsh

    Very Bohemian!

  5. Francis Fiolek

    From the old Zebra Club on the Post Road?