Cobb’s Mill Closed

Drew Friedman died Saturday.

Barely 48 hours later, Cobb’s Mill Inn — the Weston restaurant he owned — was closed.

The Weston Forum reports that someone locked the doors at 3 p.m.

That’s bad news for fans of Weston’s only full-service restaurant.

It’s even worse news for at least one bride-to-be, who already put down a hefty deposit. She was told Cobb’s Mill would reopen “in a week after the funeral.”

She is not sure she can take that to the bank.

Services for Friedman — a founder of the Westport Downtown Merchants Association and longtime local commercial landowner — will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday (March 3) at Weston’s St. Francis of Assisi Church. Burial will follow at 4 p.m. at Beth Israel cemetery in Norwalk.

Drew Friedman and his wife Laura Papallo Friedman, at Cobb's Mill Inn. (Photo/Patricia Gay)

Drew Friedman and his wife Laura Papallo Friedman, at Cobb’s Mill Inn. (Photo/Patricia Gay)

15 responses to “Cobb’s Mill Closed

  1. David Schaffer

    Always one of my favorite places in town (I know not literally in Westport but many thought of it as such), right after we moved to Westport it was featured in a margarine commercial, I used to remember the brand but it escapes me now. Hope it gets another revival.

  2. I didn’t know Mr. Friedman and offer condolences to his family. But will bankers please take heed and not lend any more money against this lovely but tired old property until a professional manager comes through with a viable business plan and enough capital to see it through?

    If newspaper story is correct, this will be the 2nd time in 5 years that a bank has taken possession of the place. The sad truth is that this is a very worn out old building in a notoriously tough restaurant market. It would take a multi-million dollar gut renovation and truly top food talent to make a go of it.

  3. When I was a kid I always loved the fact that my favorite actor, Dan Blocker, had eaten there. Hoss Cartwright! i

  4. The Lunch Box in Weston Center (despite its name, affectionately retained I think because that’s what it’s been called for so long) serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has wine, beer and takeout. That’s *almost* a “full-service restaurant.” As a kid, I remember my Dad’s 50th birthday celebration at Cobb’s Mill Inn. Our crowd took over the downstairs back room, all the more remarkable when you consider that we lived in Norwich! I hope Cobb’s Mill is able to make a successful reappearance soon.

  5. Linda (Pomerantz) Novis

    Many memories of playing piano at Cobb’s Mill in the 1980’s on weekends, Easter Sundays,Mother’s Day brunches downstairs in the bar by the peaceful waterfall just outside the windows there..
    The sad reality now being all these nice restaurants I grew up with..(Cobb’s Mill, Red Barn,Three
    Bears,Mario’s)-they’ve all now closed..but we were all fortunate to have these places back then..

  6. I was lucky enough to know Drew Friedman, as I was the owner of one of the adjacent properties to Cobbs Mill Inn, and Mr. Friedman purchased the property from me. I found him to be an extremely honest and honorable gentleman with noble ideas and a passion for serving the community. He dedicated his final years toward building not just a restaurant, but a community gathering place and cultural center. He had much grander plans for the restaurant and the grounds around it, and I am saddened that he ran out of time before fulfilling his dream. The restaurant will be reborn, of course, but sadly without his lofty ambitions and goals. I wish his kind-hearted wife Laura well during this difficult time.

  7. To those effected by this situation I’m here to help.
    Jonathan Mathias
    A Dash of Salt Catering, LLC
    971 Post Road East
    Westport, Connecticut

  8. Dick Lowenstein

    What ever the future holds for Cobb’s Mill Inn, one of its interior artifacts is the pewter bar on the lower level. The bar was rescued from the French Line’s steamship Normandie, probably when it was converted to a troopship during World War II.

  9. sandra johnson

    HOW VERY SAD!!!!! When I moved to WP 35 odd years ago, that was one of the first places we went to eat , and – we loved it and went often! Did not know thehistory of thebar – very interesting – thanks, Dick. Westport is slowly losing all of its originality which is sad. I don’t mean that ALL should stay the same, but some things should be saved!!

  10. Gloria Gouveia




    “According to a witness at the restaurant, someone locked the doors of the Cobb’s Mill Inn around 3 p.m. today and customers are being notified that the restaurant is closed at the present time.”

    The last thing Mrs. Friedman needs at a time like this is to have to deal with grist from the ever officious local rumor mill.

    Gloria Gouveia

    • Sorry — that information came from a Weston reader. The story has been changed to reflect that “someone” locked the doors. My apologies.

  11. Wendy Cusick

    The closing was agree by Mrs Friednman, Cobbs Mill Inn lawyers, the bank and financial advisors. It was the was consider the appropriate action at this time.
    Found it on

  12. Bobbie Herman

    It’s a shame. My husband and I had Thanksgiving dinner there last year. The place was lovely and the food delicous! That is the last of the old “country” restaurants. We’ve lost The Red Barn, The Three Bears and Silvermine Tavern. I hope that Cobb’s Mill will survive.

  13. Paula Cade Culbreth

    So sorry for your loss! We were there on Sunday for brunch. I Grew up in Weston and went to cobbs mill often We had a wonderful time on Sunday with my children and my grandchildren. they loved it and I’m so glad I was able to share the inn with my family.! We are so sorry to hear of the closing. We hope you will reopen soon.