Big Open House Today Near Elvira’s

Fred Cantor captured this intriguing scene, as the house and small cottage on Hillspoint Road, across from Elvira's was torn down today.

Fred Cantor captured this intriguing scene, as the house and small cottage on Hillspoint Road across from Elvira’s was torn down today.

14 responses to “Big Open House Today Near Elvira’s

  1. Is the house half-empty of half-full?

  2. I trust they’ll build a modest New England beach cottage in its place.

    • Greg, I think the new owner’s plan is to build a home comparable in size to the one in the photo. (So hopefully you won’t be too startled when you come back in the summer. On a related note, the Staples ’71 45th reunion is set for the weekend of August 12-14. Hope to see you there.)

  3. Well I guess that was inevitable. First they finished off the house I lived in (summer of 1973), the pink one that featured the pink VW bug. It was next to the one in Fred’s photo and already gone. My three brothers and I rented the place for $100 per month after our parents sold their Surf Rd house and left for Florida to live on their sailboat. When we were there nothing had been changed in the house from when it was built around 1911. No glass in the windows, straw ticking stuffed mattresses, no heat or AC. It was primitive living but as they say, ” location, location, location ” and that little 4 bedroom house had the best. RIP little pink house. You served ‘the Downey boys’ well that season.

    • Viva the LITTLE PINK HOUSE!

      It’s still there… Cute as ever… W/the vw bug!
      The ‘blighted house’ in between the one in photo and little pink house was the house that went away.

      Betsy Phillips Kahn
      The Higgins Group

  4. In your dreams, Greg.

  5. Now THAT is sad. Life there was full of creativity, and smack on the beach.
    I was married there.

  6. So sad, Toni and Greg…It was a very memorable place, time, and family, and certainly meant a lot to many people.

  7. Greg, I am sitting in a room in our house in Vermont looking at a painting that your mom did of Old Mill Bay as seen from the living room of that house. I guess the little studio/garage that went with the house is long gone. What is Elvira’s?

  8. Elvira’s replaced Grubbs!

  9. Come to speak of Grubbs (locals called it) he sold my friend Pam and I cigs when we were 14. Now that I think about it Thompsons – later ships – now Tiffany’s sold the to us also for 10 cents less – like 35 cents a pack!

  10. Greg, I thought that was your place.
    Hope you are well.