Nathalie Laitmon’s Suburban Misfit Mom

As a branding professional who took time off to raise children in Westport, Nathalie Laitmon knows what it’s like to need a community of like-minded women.

There are many people out there like her: independent, multi-faceted and very talented.

But the only online communities she found were like Huffington Post Motherhood (“sassy and snarky”) or Pinterest (“earth moms who want to churn their own butter”).

Nathalie Laitmon

Nathalie Laitmon

Laitmon — who was in the midst of writing a novel about suburban cults — realized that many women feel isolated or out of place in suburbia. She wanted to give their voices a platform.

“Suburban Misfit Mom” debuted last October. Laitmon calls it “an interactive community and content provider for the multi-dimensional, self-reflective mother who respects every part of her identity.”

Her eclectic team of writers includes “tastemakers, humorists, progressive thinkers, writers, artists, journalists and experts in their fields of interest.”

They come from across the country — including Westport and surrounding towns. They’re fresh and edgy. They write about “Superwoman Syndrome,” running marathons, sex, divorce, David Bowie, whether they married the right guy, snow days, friendships, their bodies, wine, Disney, post-partum anxiety, and their sons’ penises. Nothing is off limits.

Some of the stories take decidedly different approaches than on most “mommy blogs.” One woman wrote about being photographed naked. One titled her post “Bullying Isn’t Always a Bad Thing.” Another called hers “”F* You, Perfect Part-Time Nanny.”

the illustration for a story about a woman who overcame her fears about being photographed naked -- definitely not something seen on most "mommy blogs."

The illustration for a story about a woman who overcame her fears about being photographed naked — definitely not something seen on most “mommy blogs.”

In a few short months, Suburban Misfit Mom has turned into the community Laitmon envisioned. Readers have found women in similar situations, with the same issues and concerns. They’ve found writers they can relate to.

And Laitmon’s writers — over 100 — have found their own voices. They’re expressing themselves to an audience they otherwise — stuck, feeling isolated, in suburbia — might never have known.

Laitmon — who calls herself the site’s “curator” — helps those writers find their voices. She encourages them to be opinionated, but not judgmental.

Suburban Misfit Mom logoThe “10-year gap” that Laitmon talks about — a decade when high-powered women are home raising children — can be deadening. Yet it can also be a time to find one’s purpose and passion. That is where she and her site come in.

Laitmon calls Suburban Misfit Mom her “field of dreams.” She built it, and women are coming.

Along the way, she’s grown too. Laitmon has broadened her own perspective. She’s made friends across the country. And she has found her own voice too.

“I have a deep, intense appreciation for the life I’ve been given,” she says. “I feel a real sense of responsibility to help women deal with their challenges.”

Ten-year gap? Sounds like 10 years of fulfillment to me.

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3 responses to “Nathalie Laitmon’s Suburban Misfit Mom

  1. David Loffredo

    Very interesting collection of stories, shows that even though some 06880’ers think they won the lottery, for many the transition is pretty rough, which is probably why so many of the blog postings are about divorce.

    We all need a community to belong to and an outlet, just like what Dan provides for so many of us, it’s nice to see these ladies find each other and for some of us guys to appreciate what we leave behind when we board the train each morning.

  2. David, You’re a man after our own hearts…Some dads have been invited to write for us as well ! There is, as you know, a cost to everything, even the blessings of living in Pleasantville. Thanks for your support, Nathalie Laitmon, Founder of . If you think anyone you know would want to write for us, please direct them to the “write for us” section on our website…

  3. “Branding professional?”
    Welcome to 21 st century westport