Be Careful Out There!

It’s not snowing hard. But the roads are slick.

Slick enough to contribute to this accident a few moments ago on Kings Highway North:

Kings Highway North

No one was hurt.

The car did not hit the historic house, near the Wilton Road intersection.

But getting it off that stone wall will be no easy task.

3 responses to “Be Careful Out There!

  1. Just got home; brakes barely working out there; everyone — yes, everyone — going about 20 miles per hour.

  2. I wonder if “insurance” will repair the historic stone wall?

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Holy crap!

    Can imagine how that one went down:

    (Life flashing before my … oh … wait, I’m facing uphill … what … was … that … crunch? I see sky … and, shit, a … HOUSE??? … do I have Liberty Mutual??? … cell phone … where’s my cell phone??? aacckkk!)