All Eric Burns, (Nearly) All The Time

It’s tough to counter-program against the Super Bowl pregame show.

Then again, C-SPAN2’s audience is a bit different than the CBS’.

Yesterday, the “BookTV” show aired a 3-hour interview with Eric Burns.

Eric Burns

Eric Burns

The longtime Westport author and media critic talked about his books, including his most recent: The Golden Lad: The Haunting Story of Quentin and Theodore Roosevelt. 

Burns and his host took viewers phone calls, and responded to tweets — for 3 hours. That’s a long time — though mere seconds compared to the pregame telecast.

This Thursday, Burns heads to the Savannah Book Festival. On February 25 he’ll be at the Westport Library, discussing his TR opus.

Meanwhile, if for some reason you were watching CBS instead of CSPAN2 yesterday — but you want 3 hours of Eric Burns — click here.

6 responses to “All Eric Burns, (Nearly) All The Time

  1. Thank, Dan. I’m very appreciative.

  2. Oh dear. Is Eric planting these with Dan? This was less coherent and interesting than his usual column.

    Thanks for the spontaneous joy of sharing all occasions with you, as happy as I qq was to see you

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  3. I’d like to add a bit of local lore regarding Quentin Roosevelt. My dad, now 94, tells the story that old man Kellogg, who lived at the end of our street on Roosevelt Rd., served in the same squadron as Quentin Roosevelt in WW1. Kellogg and Roosevelt were the best of pals, apparently. When Quentin was shot down and killed, Kellogg (I forget his first name–Bill maybe?) was the one who was chosen to go to the Roosevelt home and break the news to Teddy and family. Kellogg owned a bit of land down here where we live (by Compo) and called the intersecting streets after his lost friend, Quentin Rd. and Roosevelt Rd.

    • I’ve lived here my whole life, and never heard that story. Nor did I ever put 2+2 (Quentin + Roosevelt) together. THANKS, Andra!

  4. Big C-Span weekend for Westport! Book TV also aired a talk by Dr. VIncent DeVita about his book “The Death of Cancer” – taped at the Westport Library in January.

  5. Louis Gagliano

    Will be seeing Eric at the Savannah GA book festival this weekend. Respect his writing and research in terms of very interesting historical subjects.