Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #57

Robert Eckman’s photo last Sunday was a Goldilocks challenge: not too easy, not too hard. Just right.

After a number of plausible (but wrong) guesses — the library, Patagonia, Compo Beach, police station — 3 alert readers zeroed in on the red-brick design: the old Saugatuck post office. Today it’s Westport Auction.

Congrats to William F. Dohme Jr., Bobbie Herman and Beth Orlan Berkowitz. Click here to see the photo that they figured out. Then scroll down for comments.

This week’s photo challenge comes from Fred Cantor:

Oh My 06880 - January 31, 2016 - Fred Cantor

If you know where in Westport this is, click “Comments” below.

We’ll give you one hint: It’s not the New York Public Library.


22 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #57

  1. Longshore?

  2. That’s the friendly lion (one of two) on Beachside and Sasco Creek Rd!

  3. That llion is on the Westport southport line… Near the little bridge

  4. Up Hillspoint from the beach on the left there are two lions guarding the drive at a house there.

  5. I drive by this all the time! One of two lions facing out to long island sound. Corner of Sasco Creek Rd and Beachside Ave just before you hit the Southport town line and Southport Beach. Then Beachside Ave changes names to Pequot Ave

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      I first thought Pequot Library, but remembered it’s in Southport.
      Didn’t remember that Beachside turns into Pequot! Your detail, Wendy, is great!

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    Entrance to a driveway on Beachside, just past Sasco Creek, past the curve. One on each side of the drive.

  7. These are the lions on Beachside in front of MImi Levitt’s home

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  8. Joyce Barnhart

    One of the two lions on Beachside Avenue that mark the driveway that gives that house a Beachside Avenue address instead of the other street that Rodney Dangerfield lived on.

  9. Seth Braunstein

    Beachside Avenue just before the beach

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  10. Seth Braunstein

    This is on beachside Ave just before the beach on the left if you are heading from Westport towards Southport.

  11. Joyce Barnhart

    The other street is Hedley Farms Road.

  12. Yes — you are all right (except for Madison Malin and David Sampson — sorry!). This lion is one of two on Beachside Avenue at Sasco Creek Road, right near the Southport line. You guys are good!

  13. Stefani Calvano

    The entrance to Longshore

  14. I believe that was once Rodney Dangerfields house.

  15. Bobbie Herman

    I think the lion( and its mate)are at the entrance to Mortimer and Mimi Levitt’s house on Beachside.

  16. Bobbie Herman

    But Rodney D. lived on Hedley Farms Road.

    • I may be wrong about Rodney Dangerfield but those lions go to the second house on the left on Hedly Farms (Ludlum lived on Beachside?) and it always made sense that only Rodney would place two laughing lions on their driveway? Jus sayin..

  17. Joyce Barnhart

    In a more innocent time, one Halloween my daughter and her friend, who lived on Hedley Farms Road, knocked on Dangerfield’s door. He invited the little girls in and gave them full-size candy bars. They were very impressed. His house was several doors down from the corner, beyond the lions’ place on Beachside Avenue.