One More Reason To Love Trader Joe’s

Everyone knows that our strong school system keeps property values high.

But who knew Trader Joe’s does the same?

According to the Huffington Post, a recent study found that 2 years after a Trader Joe’s opens, the median home within a mile of that store increased in value 10 percent more than others in the same town.

One economic engine...

One economic engine…

Homes within a mile of a Whole Foods also gain value faster than others in the surrounding area.

...and another.

…and another.

That’s not only good news for Westport — where we enjoy both a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

It’s also a solution to the teardown battles. Instead of building big new homes everywhere in town, we just need to erect more Trader Joe’s and Whole Foodses!

(Hat tip: Johanna Rossi)

8 responses to “One More Reason To Love Trader Joe’s

  1. According to another study, when Starbucks opens up, houses within a quarter mile go up in value by 96% vs 65% from 1996 vs. the rest of the housing market. I guess Westport hits the Trifecta!

  2. Not far away is Fresh Market which, on Tuesdays, provides very good ground chuck @ $2.99 per pound. Good Eating any week. Two pounds provides 8 quarter pounders which we enjoy when made, or frozen for a later meal.

  3. We love Trudy at Trader Joe’s

  4. Not to kill the mood here but it might be the other way around — Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s picking out the hot neighborhoods and demographics that match their customer profiles. Thus they also move into gentrifying neighborhoods and support the growth that is happening anyway.

  5. sandra johnson

    Trader Joe’s was always one of my favorite stores – had what I needed plus all employees helpful at all times!!! I had to move from WP recently to New Orleans (near family) -=-Now – not complaining about living in NO, BUT the nearest Trader Joe’s is in Baton Rouge – hour away !!!!! The “story” is that TJ is going to be here in New Orleans sometime in 2016!! We shall see!!

  6. Joyce Barnhart

    Another creative parking job caught in the first photo.
    I don’t get to Whole Paycheck very often, but I shop at Fresh Market and Trader Joe’s very often. More reasons to love living in Westport.

  7. Yet another instance and debate of “does correlation mean causation?”