Fiona’s Disappearing Island Sign Disappears

For several years, a funky sign near the Compo Beach Hillspoint Road jetty has pointed the way to “Fiona’s Disappearing Island.”

Fiona's Disappearing Island

The “island” is the land that’s visible in low tide. When the tide comes in though, it’s like Atlantis.

No one knows who Fiona is. Supposedly, an inscription on the back of the sign refers to “a gypsy who loved the sea.” (It’s pretty high up — presumably to thwart thieves. Yao Ming would find it hard to read the back.)

But a thief struck anyway. Today, someone noticed the sign was gone.

Folks in the know say it’s been stolen before.

And, they say, just like Fiona’s disappearing island, her sign reappears — each time more lovely than before.

4 responses to “Fiona’s Disappearing Island Sign Disappears

  1. Armelle Daniels

    Love this story

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Something to do with the five planet alignment, or simply preservation re future blizzards? A sweet story, regardless.

  3. I love that sign and want to write a children’s book about Fiona’s Disappearing Island one day. The sign went missing at least once before and then came back with the missing bottle caps replaced. Looking forward to it’s return once again and would love to meet Fiona.

  4. Patricia McMahon

    Return the sign, and no one gets hurt!!!!